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A CONVERSATION ON VISION, PLANS AND STRATEGY WITH JEFF HALPER Sponsored jointly by ICAHD UK and Jewish Voice for Labour Palestine/Israel remains on our minds no matter what else happens in the world. Not only does it represent a conflict that for decades has destabilized the entire Middle East and the wider international system, not… Read more »

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In this Powerpoint presentation, Jeff Halper and prominent Palestinian activist and award-winning political caracaturist Mohammad Sabaabeh argue that the Matrix of Control which Israel has laid over the Occupied Territory has effectively eliminated the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian “conflict” and has produced instead a regime of apartheid. Faced with apartheid and the permanent ‘warehousing’… Read more »

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The US killing of Iranian General Qassem Suleimani, hailed by Israel, only demonstrates the futility of Western military attempts to forge a Middle East conducive to its interests of oil and regional hegemony. It is a tragic game of the US, its Western allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia in which the peoples of the Middle… Read more »

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During the month of December 2019, at least 56 structures were demolished in the occupied Palestinian Territories (including East Jerusalem) by Israeli forces, displacing at least 99 people- including 48 children- and affecting a further 14,864 people (according to OCHA oPT). All the demolitions and confiscations were carried out on grounds of lacking an Israeli-issued… Read more »

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The regime of international humanitarian law (IHL) and human rights is marvelous, comprehensive and well thought-out. The product of decades of conferences, negotiations, interactions between states and civil society, it has defined rights you didn’t even know you have. (Do you know it is a human right to live in a healthy, safe, aesthetic environment?)… Read more »

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The seventeen people, from the UK, Germany and the US, who participated in the recent political study tour to Palestine/Israel, visited the new Community Centre in Bardala. Construction on it began in October 2018 during ICAHD’s building camp, with funding from the campers, our Buy a Brick campaign and a grant. Some finishing touches are… Read more »

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Understanding the ‘conflict’ as a settler colonial struggle allows us to build a holistic path toward a liberated society for Palestinians and Israelis. By Awad Abdelfattah and Jeff Halper – Published in +972 Magazine on 10 December 2019 The very title one gives to a phenomenon often determines how it can be understood and what… Read more »

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During the month of November 2019, at least 63 structures were demolished in the occupied Palestinian Territories (including East Jerusalem) by Israeli forces, displacing at least 141 people- including 71 children- and affecting a further 431 people (according to OCHA oPT). In the Naqab desert, the entire Bedouin village of al-Aragib has been demolished twice… Read more »

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Some Thoughts by Jeff Halper, ICAHD Founder (28 November 2019) The Trump Administration’s recent reversal of policy, now declaring unilaterally that Israeli settlements are not “inconsistent with international law” demonstrates nothing more dramatic than the bankruptcy of American foreign policy — though in fact that previous American governments took virtually the same position. They may… Read more »