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This month, 53 structures were demolished in the occupied Palestinian Territories (including East Jerusalem) displacing 97 people- including 55 children- and affecting a further 644 people, including 292 children. Inside Israel, 11 houses were demolished in Arab-Palestinian cities, displacing dozens of people, and in the Naqab desert, the unrecognised Bedouin village Al-Araquib was demolished for… Read more »

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Comedian Frankie Boyle will perform for ICAHD UK’s Buy-A-Brick fundraiser show at the Edinburgh Fringe. The show Laughing For Palestine will take place on Monday 13 August at 16:15 at the Ballroom of The Counting House under the auspices of the Free Festival. It will be MCed by ICAHD UK’s Director, comedian Daphna Baram. ICAHD… Read more »

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ICAHD UK’s Conference 2018 took place at Amnesty UK’s International Human Rights Centre on 19th May, with an impressive attendance of 120 participants. It opened on a solemn note, commemorating the dead protesters in Gaza, shot by Israeli soldiers. ICAHD UK’S director, Daphna Baram, commented on the connection between the struggle against demolition and displacement,… Read more »

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ICAHD UK’s Buy A Brick campaign towards the Building – Harvesting and Learning Camp in October kick-started at the ICAHD UK Conference in May. We are aiming to collect 10,000 pounds in order to buy the 10 thousand bricks needed for the construction of a community centre at the heart of the Jordan Valley. The… Read more »

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Thursday 28 June 7pm, Amnesty International, 25 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA Free entry, donations will be collected Under the premise of “modernization” Israel is trying to push Palestinian Bedouins off their land, away from their agricultural way of life, and into crowded crime-stricken townships which offer no employment. Recently, following years of struggle, the… Read more »