“The Horrors of Gaza: What’s Next?” – A Webinar with Jeff Halper – Wednesday 13 December at 7.00pm

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While our attention is properly focused on the transformative and tragic Hamas attack of October 7th and Israel’s ongoing retaliation, we must ask the question: Where is the transformation going? Will the US and Europe exploit the violence to impose a regime of Israeli apartheid on the Palestinians in the guise of a “two-state solution,”… Read more »

November 2023 Video Update from Jeff Halper

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In Jeff Halper’s November update, he says that while the world’s eyes are on the violent atrocities in Gaza, ICAHD is also watching what is currently happening within the West Bank and asking what it means. ICAHD believes that what Israel is pursuing there is even more important politically as we believe this  ethnic cleansing… Read more »

From the Gazan Laboratory to the World’s Borders: A Conversation with Jeff Halper

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An interview by Todd Miller, author of ‘Build Bridges not Walls’ originally published in The Border Chronicle and re-published in Counterpunch. In 2012, at a border security conference I attended in El Paso, Israeli brigadier general Roei Elkabetz gave a PowerPoint presentation to a large group of border industry insiders and border officials, including uniformed… Read more »

ICAHD Calls for an End to Israeli Genocide Against the Palestinian People

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2 November 2023 The term “genocide” was formulated by the Jewish-Polish lawyer Raphael Lemkin against the backdrop of the Holocaust. It was codified as a crime under international law in the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (the Genocide Convention). The definition of genocide, as set out in Article 2 of the… Read more »

Gaza: Foregrounding the Political Struggle – Jeff Halper

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A residential building was destroyed and neighbouring properties damaged in an Israeli strike on the Sheikh Ridwan district of northern Gaza City on 19 October 2023 [Mohammed Asad/Middle East Monitor] 19 October 2023   The present crisis did not begin on October 7th, as Israel (and Biden) would have it. Focusing on immediate events, particularly… Read more »

ICAHD Statement on the Gaza war

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9 October 2023   ICAHD Statement on Hamas incursion and Israel’s disproportionate retaliation   ICAHD mourns the loss of all lives, Israeli and Palestinian, whether in the Hamas incursion or in the course of Israel’s disproportionate retaliation. All lives are precious, period. Precisely for that reason, however, we need to emphasize the political context if… Read more »

Jeff Halper UK Speaking Tour 2023

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“One Democratic State in Palestine/Israel: It’s Time to Get Political”.   Jeff Halper is an Israeli anthropologist, the Director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) and a founding member of the One Democratic State Campaign. Jeff is the author of An Israeli in Palestine on his work against the Occupation; Obstacles to Peace,… Read more »