A just future demands the decolonization of Palestine – and a democratic state for all

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Understanding the ‘conflict’ as a settler colonial struggle allows us to build a holistic path toward a liberated society for Palestinians and Israelis. By Awad Abdelfattah and Jeff Halper – Published in +972 Magazine on 10 December 2019 The very title one gives to a phenomenon often determines how it can be understood and what… Read more »

The Trump Administration’s Unilateral Declaration on the Legality of Israeli Settlements

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Some Thoughts by Jeff Halper, ICAHD Founder (28 November 2019) The Trump Administration’s recent reversal of policy, now declaring unilaterally that Israeli settlements are not “inconsistent with international law” demonstrates nothing more dramatic than the bankruptcy of American foreign policy — though in fact that previous American governments took virtually the same position. They may… Read more »

A Response to Israel’s September Elections

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By Jeff Halper (18 September 2019)   A few quick take-aways from yesterday’s election in Israel: 1. Netanyahu is out. His only hope of avoiding prison was to get immunity from the Parliament, and without a majority of 61 (the Likud/right bloc got only 55-56) that is impossible. Either the Likud will go into a… Read more »

Details Announced of Jeff Halper’s May 2019 UK Speaking Tour

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Jeff Halper addresses ICAHD UK 2017 conference

Following on from last year’s two highly successful speaking tours, ICAHD founder Jeff Halper will again be embarking on an UK speaking tour around this year’s Annual Conference in May. This year, Jeff will be accompanied by Hisham Sharabati, an activist from the West Bank and co-founder of the non-violent resistance group the Hebron Defense… Read more »

Keeping Our Eye on Judaisation – Jeff Halper

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For the past several weeks the news from Palestine/Israel has been dominated by sound and fury, especially protests around the status of the Haram esh-Sharif/Temple Mount and its al-Aqsa mosque, that have spread violently to the West Bank and beyond. But we need to constantly focus on the steady process of Israel’s tightening its “facts… Read more »