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ICAHD CAMP: October 2018 – Back From Palestine, Participants Reflections 21 volunteers took part in the camp: One from the US, three Germans, Five from Finland, One Italian, One Australian and ten British. We are grateful for their hard work and solidarity, and for enduring the physical hardship and emotional pain. Their engagement gives us… Read more »

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ICAHD is part of the very diverse political group that make up the Sumarin Coalition that is pressurizing the Jewish National Fund (JNF) to stop its determination to evict the Sumarin family from their home in Silwan, East Jerusalem, located directly below the Old City. On June 30th, 2020, the Israeli courts are scheduled to… Read more »

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JCB equipment has been used to demolish Palestinian family homes: in the Palestinian villages of Dkeika, Bir alEid, Lasefer and Umm Fagarah in the South Hebron Hills, in the East Jerusalem neighbourhoods of Silwan and al-Suwaneh in the Jordan Valley. The wheel loaders models used for these demolitions are 456e ZX and 3CX. A JCB… Read more »

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In recent years, the idea of a one democratic state in all of historic Palestine as the best solution to the conflict has re-emerged. It started gaining increased support in the public domain. It is not a new idea. The Palestinian liberation movement, before the catastrophe of 1948 (the Nakba) and after it, had adopted… Read more »

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On Wednesday, 21 st February 2018, the bulldozers of Israel’s “Civil” Administration (which it calls its military government over 7 million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza) destroyed the farm of the Jaber family in the Baka Valley, near Hebron. Normally this would not be a notable event. Every day dozens of actions are… Read more »

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Awdah Hathaleen is 24 years old and a collective member from Um al-Khair. He is an English teacher in his village, having studied English teaching methods at Hebron University. Awdah and his mother currently live in a house with a pending demolition order. Already, their house has been demolished twice before. Awdah has been a… Read more »