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ICAHD takes as the main focus of its resistance Israel's policy of demolishing Palestinian homes, both in Israel and in the Occupied Palestine Territory (OPT). A key element of judaization,” of transforming Palestine into the Land of Israel, is the demolition of Palestinian homes and entire communities.  During the Nakba when the state of Israel was established, some 52,000 Palestinian homes were destroyed within more than 530 villages, towns and urban neighborhoods. Since the Occupation began in 1967, another 55,000 homes have been demolished in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. Resisting Israel’s policy of house demolitions, then, is addressing the essence of the “conflict”: one people displacing another. This has proven a powerful and effective vehicle for reframing the “conflict” from one of security, as Israel portrays it, to one of one-sided settler colonialism, ethnic cleansing and judaization rather than of mutual conflict.

We are now witnessing one of the largest campaigns of demolitions since we started our work in 1997. Demolitions are happening In East Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley, throughout the West Bank but also within the Green Line. Israel is systematically demolishing entire Bedouin communities in the Negev to clear the land for Jewish settlements, and in the Galilee and the Triangle area in the north, homes of Palestinian citizens of Israel are being attacked.

The scale of demolition makes protest and resistance on the ground impossible. ICAHD has led the resistance. We have stood in front of bulldozers coming to demolish Palestinian homes, and, with the families, their neighbours and hundreds of Israeli and international activists, we have rebuilt almost 200 homes demolished by Israel. We have published reports on demolitions, participated in UN meetings on the issue, made films and toured throughout the world with families, enabling them to tell their stories. Currently, our work is dwarfed by the resurgence of demolitions taking place therefore ICAHD is re-launching our campaign to End Home Demolitions to help facilitate the growth of a global movement. Don’t delay, join us now!

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