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As an Israeli peace and human rights organization, ICAHD focuses its activities around resistance to Israel's policy of demolishing Palestinian homes, both in Israel and in the Occupied Palestine Territory (OPT). The demolition policy is part of Israel’s attempt to Judaize Palestine, to transform an Arab country into a Jewish one. During and after the Nakba of 1948, when the state of Israel was established, it systematically demolished about 52,000 Palestinian homes, more than 530 entire villages, towns and urban neighborhoods. Since the beginning of the Occupation in 1967, Israel has demolished another 55,000 homes in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. Thousands more continue to be demolished inside Israel itself.

Israel’s policy of house demolitions represents the essence of the “conflict”: one people displacing another; ICAHD’s campaign of resistance has proven a powerful and effective vehicle for holding Israel accountable. ICAHD uses the demolition policy to “reframe” the conflict. The issue is not security, as Israel would have us think, because the demolition of Palestinian homes has nothing to do with security, but is rather one of ethnic cleansing, settler colonialism and Judaization.

We are now witnessing the climax of that Judaizing policy, one of the largest campaigns of demolitions since we started our work in 1997. Hundreds of homes are being demolished throughout the OPT as well as within the Green Line, where it is attacking its own (Arab) citizens. Entire Bedouin communities in the Negev are being to make way for Jewish settlements, while thousands of homes of Palestinian citizens in the Galilee are threatened.

The scale of demolition makes mere protest insufficient. While ICAHD has led the resistance – we have stood in front of bulldozers coming to demolish Palestinian homes, rebuilt almost 200 homes demolished by Israel together with the families, their community and activists from Israel and abroad – our activities are strategic, intended to change international policy towards the conflict. So we do strategic advocacy, speaking abroad (often with our Palestinian partners), publishing critical maps, reports, books and films, participating in UN forums, meeting parliamentarians and government officials, as well as working with our partners and activists to articulate a political end-game.

The issue of house demolitions remains central to our work. Although ending demolitions will not end the conflict, we can stop this cruel policy even as we work towards a comprehensive solution. It is towards that end that ICAHD is launching this focused campaign to pressure Israel to stop demolishing Palestinian homes. Join us now!

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