Watch Jeff Halper’s February 2024 Video Update on Challenging Two-State Apartheid

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Watch Jeff Halper’s February 2024 Update At present we quite rightly protest Israel’s genocidal actions in Gaza however the bigger picture is for a NATO of the Middle East to be created, led by Egypt and with Israel taking the lead militarily. This plan was progressing smoothly until October 7th happened when Hamas fighters escaped… Read more »

Support for Palestine at the ICJ – Actions You Can Take

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Following the ICJ two day hearing of South Africa’s genocide case against Israel, the UK government, along with the United States, Canada, Germany and Guatemala, have publicly announced it’s support for Israel. Please write to your MP, asking for your letter to be forwarded to the Foreign Secretary, to challenge this stance in the strongest… Read more »

Watch a Recording of ICAHD UK Webinar ‘Israel Before the ICJ – Is international law relevant? – (Wed 24 January 2024)

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The UN’s International Court of Justice, The Hague Watch recording of the webinar here Co-Sponsored by ICAHD USA and the Indiana Center for Middle East Peace On 29th December 2023, South Africa submitted an appeal to the International Court of Justice on Israel’s genocide in Gaza. This resulted in South Africa presenting its case before… Read more »

Watch Jeff Halper’s January 2024 Video Update on the Genocide Convention

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Watch Jeff Halper’s January 2024 Update on the Genocide Convention Jeff Halper, ICAHD’s Director, brings us his January update which is about the Genocide Convention. He differentiates between state terrorism and non-state terrorism and explains that Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, argues that states have the right to wage war. If innocents are killed, they… Read more »

South Africa appeals to the International Court of Justice: Stop Israel’s genocide in Gaza – Robert Herbst

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Israeli soldiers stationed just outside Gaza overlooking the destruction of the Shujaiya neighborhood in Gaza City, December 29 2023. (Photo: © Atef Safadi/EFE via ZUMA Press APAimages) South Africa’s 84 page long Application to the International Court of Justice to begin proceedings against Israel for its genocide in Gaza is a devastating document laying out… Read more »

Watch Recording of Webinar with Jeff Halper – ‘The Horrors of Gaza: What’s Next’ (13 Dec 2023)

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ICAHD (Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions) Director Jeff Halper gives a powerful talk about the situation in Palestine/Israel and how it is affecting Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. The webinar is hosted jointly by Christians Aware, National Justice & Peace Network and ICAHD, with Jeff talking from Jerusalem. Watch the recording of this… Read more »

Our Opportunity for a Ceasefire – Greg Khalil

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By Gregory Khalil, Graduate of Yale Law School, Khalil served as a legal and communications advisor to Palestinian negotiations on peace talks with Israel. He is currently Adjunct Professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and Co-Founder and President of the Telos Group which equips and connects peacemakers. 26 November 2023 Whether you’ve spoken… Read more »

Media Release: ICAHD Calls for an End to Israeli Genocide Against the Palestinian People

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3 November 2023 – for immediate release The term “genocide” was formulated by the Jewish-Polish lawyer Raphael Lemkin against the backdrop of the Holocaust. It was codified as a crime under international law in the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (the Genocide Convention). The definition of genocide, as set out in… Read more »

STOP THE GENOCIDE IN GAZA! – A Statement of the One Democratic State Campaign

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Here is an important and timely statement by our Palestine-led partner organisation the One Democratic State Campaign. October 15, 2023   The Palestinian people in Gaza are undergoing a campaign of genocide by their Israeli jailers. Confining two and half million people to a tiny area (made even smaller by the Israeli army’s order that… Read more »