August 2015 – Write to your MP’s

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Sample letter to your MP’s Please send this and spread the word   Regarding the particularly vicious spate of demolitions this week, and following our press release, we have drafted a letter for you to send to your MP’s. Full text is included below, and you can find the word document for downloading here. We have… Read more »

Join the Call by 50 prominent signatories for an immediate end to Israeli Demolitions!

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We join Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and ICAHD UK in calling on the British public and the UK government to use all available pressure to bring an immediate end to Israelis systematic demolition of Palestinian homes and structures in East Jerusalem and the West Bank and to fulfil its legal and moral obligations under… Read more »

Tent of Nations – international response makes a difference

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Last week, ICAHD sent out an appeal for international pressure after a demolition order was issued on new structures at the Tent of Nations Project for peaceful co-existence, south of Bethlehem. On Friday evening, 3 June, we received the following message from its director, Daoud Nasser: Our Lawyer appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court to… Read more »


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ICAHD adds its voice to the calls of Palestinian, Israeli and international civil society organizations demanding the immediate release of Ameer Makhoul, the General Director of Ittijah and President of the Popular Committee for the Defense of Political Freedoms, who was abducted from his home in a midnight raid of the security service and held… Read more »

Halper Arrested and Roughed Up, Five Injured as Israel Wrecks Irrigation in Beqaa Valley

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The IDF iCivil Administrationi demolished water tanks and uprooted irrigation systems in the whole Beqaa Valley, next to the entrance to Kiryat Arba settlement, underneath iHar Sinai settlement, an area which suffers daily harassment by settlers, especially those riding on horseback through the familiesi lands. The community lost much good farmland for the building of… Read more »

A Long Walk for Peace

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“Do not judge a man until you have walked a hundred miles in his moccasins”. This is a saying of Native Americans, a people well acquainted with an oppressor’s greed for their land. An ICAHD supporter, David Carter, has just walked “a 100 miles or so” from Leicester to 10, Downing Street, London. David has… Read more »

SOAS Students Launch Global Non-Violent Resistance Movement for Justice for Palestinians

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SOAS students have joined together to state: We, as students, do not want to be impotent spectators, incapable of taking action against the humiliation that Palestinians face on a daily basis. Therefore, we have taken the initiative to support the establishment of a global platform which seeks to unite organizations around the world in resisting… Read more »

“We’re Back!” – Fourth Successful Gaza Voyage Breaks Through

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(GAZA, 9 December 2008) – The Free Gaza Movement ship “Dignity” successfully broke through the Israeli blockade for the fourth time since August, arriving in Gaza Port at 2:45pm, Tuesday 9 December. The ship carried one tonne of medical supplies and high-protein baby formula, in addition to a delegation of international academics, humanitarian and human… Read more »

The Free Gaza Odyssey Continues

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Here follows a summary of the activities of the Free Gaza Movement, which has now completed three voyages from Cyprus to Gaza and back, the latest boat trip carrying eleven European parliamentarians, including ICAHD UK patrons Baroness Jenny Tonge and Clare Short, MP. On August 22th, 2008, two boats – the Free Gaza and the… Read more »