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JCB equipment being used to demolished homes and other structures essential for life

JCB allows its bulldozers and other equipment to be used in the illegal demolition of Palestinian homes and other essential structures such as irrigation systems and other agricultural infrastructure, walls and livelihood structures contrary to international law. View details of our campaign to stop JCB selling equipment to Israel knowing it will be used fort hese purposes.

View images of JCB equipment demolishing homes and other essential structures here.

The Physical Aftermath of Demolitions

Click on the small image to view full-size version. If the image is in a Demolition and Displacement Report, clicking on the image will take you to the relevant report.

Demolished livelihood structure in East Jerusalem

Structure demolished on 16 August 2022.
Photo by OCHA OPT.

View larger viee of photo in August 2022 Demolition and Displacement Report

Demolition in Al Walaja on 31 May 2022

A family of 4 adults and 2 children were forced to self-demolish their home in the Al Walaja district of Bethlehem.

Full size image and further details in the May 2022 Demolition and Displacement Report.

Demolition of agricultural structures in Rujeib (Nablus)

3 agricultural structures and a 300 metre long road were demolished in Rujeib, Nablus on 14 September 2022 affecting 71 people from 12 different households.

View the full-size image and further details in the September 2022 Demolition and Displacement Report.

Confiscation of the water pipe in Khirbet 'Atuf

Demolition of water network in Khirbet 'Atuf, Tubas on 28 November 2021 affected 446 people from 81 households. Photo by 'Aref Daraghmeh, B'Tselem.

Full details, including larger version of photo, in the November 2021 Demolition and Displacement Report

Al-Wehda Street in Gaza city, bombed by Israel

Example of destruction arising from the bombing of Gaza City by Israel: 10-21 May 2021.

Full size image and further details in the May 2021 Demolition and Displacement Report.