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It is planned to resume Extended Study Tours in  2022 dependant upon the Coronavirus situation

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Visit Palestine/Israel on an Extended Study Tour that will change your life

Knowledgable guides, a grounded approach to the politics of Occupation, and an insight into the difficulties of Palestinian life.

Having provided tens of thousands of people from around the world with top-quality political and critical tours since 1997, the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) is widely known for its knowledgeable tour guides, its grounded approach to the politics of Occupation, and providing an insight into the difficulties of Palestinian life.

On our tours you will see how Israel’s settlement project has created irreversible “facts on the ground”. You will better appreciate what a truly just and lasting peace would entail. If you wish, you can meet Palestinian families suffering under Israeli policies of separation and home demolitions. ICAHD believes that first-hand learning is the only way to grasp the social, cultural, political, and historical issues that underlie the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We also offer half-day tours, details of which are available here. Please note that these half-day tours are currently suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“These tours through their many and varied visits and opportunities to meet activists, provides an excellent opportunity for both beginners and more seasoned campaigners to extend their knowledge and understanding of the issues and priorities for campaigning back home.”

(A Mitchell, Mar 2017)

“For me the experience has been truly shocking and life-changing as I'm sure it must be for everyone privileged enough to participate in them.”  

(J Turtle, Nov 2016)

Image of Morning queue at Bethlehem checkpoint

“This tour, composed largely of close encounters with Israelis and Palestinians, penetrates the surface of Israel/Palestine, revealing realities ignored by the mainstream media. Participating in it has been one of the most valuable experiences of my 71 years.” 

(J Garrett, Nov 2015)

No amount of reading, attending lectures or watching films can convey a genuine understanding of the facts on the ground compared to being there.

ICAHD and the international chapters in the UK, USA, Finland and Germany recommend these study tours that are grounded in ICAHD analysis. They offer unique time with Dr Jeff Halper, ICAHD’s Founder, who sets the scene by describing the current reality in Palestine/Israel within its historical and political context.

Jeff Halper explains Israel’s Matrix of Control over the Palestinians

Participants will visit Palestinians dealing with all the constraints and the suffering brought about from living under Israel’s Occupation and Apartheid policies:

  • the demolition of their homes and loss of lands
  • deliberate impoverishment,
  • the inability to move freely
  • issues of water discrimination
  • child imprisonment
  • the psychological impact of generations existing under violent military occupation
  • as well as issues of women’s rights, traumatised families and refugees.

As Jeff Halper explains, “The tour is not merely a litany of suffering; it is inspiring. You will meet people who refuse to give in, Palestinians who are sumud -steadfast- and who resist their oppression in a myriad of ways. You will also meet their Israeli partners working to end the Occupation, both politically and “on the ground.” And you will explore ways to resolve the conflict that are just, workable and creative, enabling you to return home as a strong advocate for peace in your own community.”

These itineraries are individual, developed over nearly twenty years and come with hundreds of recommendations from people world-wide. The tours provide engagement with inspiring Palestinians and Israelis and meeting them will change your life. Travel south into the Negev, through different areas in the West Bank, north into the Galilee and along the Mediterranean coastline.

Accommodation is in Bethlehem and Nazareth. Travel is by our own private comfortable coach with an expert local driver from a licensed bus company. The group is kept to a maximum of 18 participants.

The cost of the tour includes the full tour programme staying at good three-star hotels at half-board (bed, breakfast and evening meal), sharing a twin-bedded room with ensuite facilities, guidance from the tour leader, other day-guides and tips. Flights, lunches and travel insurance are not included. An additional supplement is available for single room accommodation by request. An application form must be completed, and a reference is sought. When participation is confirmed, a £300 non-refundable deposit is required. A comprehensive information packet for the tour is provided which includes the full itinerary and details about all aspects of the tour. Personal guidance is provided for each study tour participant.

The cost of the March 2022 extended study tour is to be confirmed

Comments from some of those who participated in the Extended Study Tours in 2019


The tour was packed full of interesting groups to visit and share with.  All the speakers were articulate, measured and knowledgeable. Our tour leader was so good at filling in details while we were travelling – every opportunity to learn more was appreciated. I really looked forward to the evening feed-back sessions.  An opportunity to clarify and share and answers to questions raised earlier in the day were always given.

A Eggboro, UK


I will never forget the number of resilient, courageous, articulate, passionate, rational and thoughtful people we encountered. I could have added even more adjectives.

J Garrett, UK


A brilliantly organised study tour that helped me to understand more about the justice of the Palestinian cause. I came back more determined than ever to fight for the rights of the Palestinian people.

G Bash, UK

I have organized talks, gone to demonstrations, and read widely about Israel/Palestine but I never really understood what was happening until I went on this tour and saw Palestine with my own eyes. I saw courage, grit, and sadly, cruelty beyond what I thought humanly possible. This was a life-changing experience and I am indebted to our tour leader whose knowledge and warmth made it possible.

D Kappel, USA

For a further reflection on the November 2019 study tour, please see this personal letter from tour participant Kathleen Zimak, who has given us permission to share her thoughts.


Examples of what is witnessed by extended study tour participants

(Photos by Stephen Sizer)

The Separation Wall that snakes through Bethlehem

Vehicles attempting to pass through Qalandia Checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem

Netting that catches trash from Jewish settlers falling on Palestinians in the street in Hebron

Shuhada Street in Hebron which is off limits to Palestinians and a clear example of Israel’s apartheid policy

Settlements within East Jerusalem and elsewhere

Settlers moving into Palestinian property in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City

Unrecognized villages in the Negev/Naqab

Stunning architecture in Nazareth’s Old City

Breath-taking views in the Jordan Valley