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Demolitions & Displacement in the occupied West Bank (including occupied East Jerusalem) and within the state of Israel   May 2020 Report Notes: There are four categories of demolitions: Punitive demolitions: Houses demolished as punishment for the actions of people associated with the houses. Administrative demolitions: Houses demolished for lack of a building permit. This… Read more »

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Video of the first ICAHD UK webinar chaired by Clare Short and featuring Jeff Halper and Awad Abdelfattah. Unfortunately the first minute or so is missing. ICAHD UK patron Clare Short, former Labour MP, speaks with ICAHD’s Jeff Halper and Awad Abdelfattah, One Democratic State Campaign and asks if it is possible to change the… Read more »

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Please use our sample letter below or adapt it. You can find your MP here Dear    (MP), During the Covid-19 lockdown, the importance of home has carried a new meaning for us because more than ever we have recognized it as our place of safety and security. Sadly, for Palestinians this is not the case… Read more »

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Majd, you have recently taken on the role of Coordinator of the One Democratic State Campaign (ODSC). This has not only raised your profile in Palestine/Israel, but also internationally so we’d like to get to know you. I understand that you’re from Palestine ’48, is that right? Yes, I am categorized legally as a Palestinian… Read more »

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Today, May 15th, is Nakba Day, the 72nd anniversary of the expulsion of about 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and homeland, in 1948. But there’s a feeling in the air this year of resurgence, of anticipation that this is not another anniversary, but that we are on the cusp of something new and dramatic in… Read more »

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[Introductory paragraph to go in here?] FORTHCOMING CAMPS The Camp planned for November 2020 in partnership with the Good Shepherd Collective has unfortunately had  to be postponed due to Covid-19 Pandemic. New dates to be announced   Read about the planned camp in November 2020 and details of future camps here.       PAST… Read more »

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House Demolition in Anata On July 17, 2007, volunteers at the Summer Rebuilding Camp sponsored by ICAHD witnessed the Israeli government demolish a nearby Palestinian family’s house. Every year the Israeli government demolishes around 300 Palestinian houses in order to expand illegal Israeli settlement construction. This policy of settlement expansion, land confiscation, and demolition of… Read more »

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Israel has demolished more than 20,000 Palestinian homes in occupied East Jerusalem since 1967. And some residents have had their houses torn down multiple times. Al Jazeera’s Jacky Rowland reports from East Jerusalem on how a small group of Israeli and international activists are helping rebuild Palestinian homes that have been repeatedly demolished.