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ICAHD Campaigns Flyer

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ICAHD Tours Flyer

Details of ICAHD-recommended extended study tours and half-day political tours in Jerusalem are provided in this flyer - page 1   page 2

A Timeline of the Israeli Oppression of One Palestinian Family - ICAHD (PDF)

A Timeline of the Israeli Oppression of One Palestinian Family

On 23rd February 2018, bulldozers sent by Israeli authorities razed the final 1.5 acres of land still farmed by Atta, leaving the family destitute. An online interactive version coming soon.

Obstacles to Peace - Jeff Halper

Obstacles to Peace - 2020 Edition 

This manual for activists is the product of more than twenty years of political engagement “on the ground” in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).

This was updated in 2020.

Counter-rhetoric - Jeff Halper, Jimmy Johnson and Emily Schaeffer

CounterRhetoric - 2016 edition

Counter Rhetoric reframes the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a human rights perspective based on international law and works for a just and sustainable solution.  It believes that the historical wrongs that have been committed must be addressed and that it is possible to create a political structure that is genuinely inclusive - of both the individual rights of all the country's inhabitants and the national identities, heritage and rights of both national groups: Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews.

Israel's Demolition of Palestinian Homes: A Fact Sheet

" Download ICAHD's convenient 6 page Fact Sheet on demoltions

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