Write to your UK MP about school demolitions

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Many have been very shocked by recent reports of demolitions of schools and school equipment just before Palestinian children return to school. This is part of an ongoing campaign to make the lives of Palestinians living in areas sought by Israel for further settlement construction untenable – clearing the way for further illegal settlements and… Read more »

The deal: Israel’s endgame – Jeff Halper

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An article by Jeff Halper, first published by Middle East Monitor  De facto what we have in Palestine today is precisely what the Zionist movement, the pre-state Yishuv and successive Israeli governments have been working towards since the start of the twentieth century: the complete “judaisation” of Palestine – transforming an Arab country into the Land of Israel…. Read more »

Keeping Our Eye on Judaisation – Jeff Halper

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For the past several weeks the news from Palestine/Israel has been dominated by sound and fury, especially protests around the status of the Haram esh-Sharif/Temple Mount and its al-Aqsa mosque, that have spread violently to the West Bank and beyond. But we need to constantly focus on the steady process of Israel’s tightening its “facts… Read more »

July 2017 Demolition and Displacement Summary

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Al-Issawiya Demolition. Image Credit: PNN   Following a decrease in Palestinian demolitions by Israeli forces during the holy month of Ramadan, the month of July marked a return to the standard dozens of Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes.   Building permits are nearly impossible for Palestinians to obtain from Israeli authorities and at least third… Read more »