Watch Jeff Halper’s April Video Update

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Watch Jeff Halper’s April 2024 Update here It’s a time of chaos; everything has turned over in the wake of the Gaza war; Israel can’t be “put back together again”. These are just some of the comments from Jeff Halper in his April update. Jeff says that Israel’s invasion of Gaza has gone out of… Read more »

National demonstration on Palestine’s Land Day

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ICAHD UK supporters were amongst the 200,000 participants in the national demonstration in London on Saturday, 30th March in support of Palestine. Demonstrators called for a ceasefire now, Israel to stop the genocide in Gaza and for a free Palestine. The day was significant because 30th March is Palestine Land Day. On that day in… Read more »

Watch Jeff Halper’s February 2024 Video Update on Challenging Two-State Apartheid

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Watch Jeff Halper’s February 2024 Update At present we quite rightly protest Israel’s genocidal actions in Gaza however the bigger picture is for a NATO of the Middle East to be created, led by Egypt and with Israel taking the lead militarily. This plan was progressing smoothly until October 7th happened when Hamas fighters escaped… Read more »

Watch Recording of webinar ‘Attending to the Mental Health Needs in the Midst of a Genocide: What is possible?’ (21 February 2024)

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Watch recording of this webinar here This webinar focussed on the importance of speaking about Palestinian mental health when Israel seeks to debilitate the whole of Palestinian society. Trauma is not new to Palestinians who have been experiencing it for the last 75 years. However, Israel’s war on Gaza that began in October 2023 has… Read more »