Resistance Needs a Political Programme

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I am the head of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), and after more than 20 years fighting Israel’s policy of demolishing Palestinian homes, I am witnessing one of the largest campaigns of demolitions since we started our work. In East Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley, throughout the West Bank (where not only homes are… Read more »

Demolition and Displacement Report: April 2019

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During April 2019, at least 70 structures were demolished in the occupied Palestinian Territories (including East Jerusalem) by Israeli forces, displacing at least 70 people- including 33 children- and affecting a further 313 people (according to OCHA oPT). All the demolitions and confiscations, other then the two punitive demolitions, were carried out on grounds of… Read more »

Visit Palestine/Israel on an Extended Study Tour that will change your life

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Hebron – walking through the Old City 4 – 14 November 2019   No amount of reading, attending lectures or watching films can convey a genuine understanding of the facts on the ground compared to being there. ICAHD and the international chapters in the UK, USA, Finland and Germany recommend these study tours that are… Read more »