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Wednesday 20 March at 2.00pm (Eastern, US), 6.00pm (UK)

The Stones Cry Out Delegation to Palestine and Washington DC

Webinar led by ICAHD USA Co-Chair Dr Michael Spath

The Stones Cry Out Delegation was made up of 23 church leaders and activists from 12 Christian denominations from all across the United States.  They had a series of meetings with 17 Jewish, Christian, and Muslim peacemakers, human rights activists, and practitioners of non-violence in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Ramallah, and Hebron, then returned to Washington DC for a series of meeting with congresspersons, demonstrations, and an interfaith prayer service.

Delegation leader Dr. Michael Spath, ICAHD-USA Co-Chair & Executive Director of Indiana Center for Middle East Peace, will moderate a conversation about what was learned in the meetings in Palestine and DC with:

  • Susan Brooksbank is a retired businesswoman and an elder in her Presbyterian Church and has traveled to Palestine numerous times.  She has worked with Palestinian organizations such as Friends of Wadi Foquin and Bright Stars of Bethlehem.
  • Joanne Quinn is an oncology nurse and a member of Kairos Puget Sound.  She has made multiple trips to Palestine since 2015.  "Why Palestine?  Because it is a just cause.  A noble ideal.  A moral quest for equality and human rights." - Edward Said
  • Rev. Ashlee Wiest-Laird is Pastor at First Baptist Church, Jamaica Plain, NY.  She has been the Southern Baptist Chaplain at Harvard University and spent a year working with Sabeel Liberation Theology Center and the Middle East Council of Churches in Jerusalem.
  • Rev. Jack Erskine has served 40+ years as a priest  in the Episcopal Church, 8 years as a Chaplain in Independent Schools, and12 years as a Hospital Chaplain.  In addition to this Delegation, Jack visited Gaza (and many of the places that have been in the news these last five months) in 2019.