Anas Abu Srour from Aida Camp, Bethlehem arrested

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Anas Abu Srour, Executive Director of the Aida Youth Center in Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem, was arrested by Israeli authorities on Tuesday, 28th November. He is yet another one of our Palestinian friends and colleagues who is experiencing the intensified brutality and injustice that has been unleashed on the Palestinians in the West Bank since… Read more »

A survey of CofE Bishops reveals a moral vacuum on Israel and Palestine

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This survey was planned by a coalition of ten Christian, Jewish, Muslim and secular groups1 that were concerned about the position the Church of England had taken vis-à-vis Israel/Palestine under the leadership of Archbishop Justin Welby. The survey was executed by CAMPAIN (the Campaign against Misrepresentation in Public Affairs, Information and the News). An Open… Read more »

From the Gazan Laboratory to the World’s Borders: A Conversation with Jeff Halper

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An interview by Todd Miller, author of ‘Build Bridges not Walls’ originally published in The Border Chronicle and re-published in Counterpunch. In 2012, at a border security conference I attended in El Paso, Israeli brigadier general Roei Elkabetz gave a PowerPoint presentation to a large group of border industry insiders and border officials, including uniformed… Read more »

Gaza: Foregrounding the Political Struggle – Jeff Halper

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A residential building was destroyed and neighbouring properties damaged in an Israeli strike on the Sheikh Ridwan district of northern Gaza City on 19 October 2023 [Mohammed Asad/Middle East Monitor] 19 October 2023   The present crisis did not begin on October 7th, as Israel (and Biden) would have it. Focusing on immediate events, particularly… Read more »