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Photo: Corporate Occupation

ICAHD UK is supporting a campaign initiative taken by Protecting Palestinian Families, an offshoot of Corporate Occupation/Stop the Demolitions. We request the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)  stop taking money from JCB, the British company that manufacturers industrial and agricultural machinery. The NSPCC, a major charity that campaigns and works in child protection in the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands, has accepted at least £5 million from JCB and its owners, the Bamford family, despite JCB machines being used to demolish Palestinian homes, an act that inflicts terrible suffering on Palestinian children. Several polite letters have been sent by ICAHD UK, its supporters and by Protecting Palestinian Families, yet the NSPCC refuses to sever its link with JCB.  Learn about this campaign and see below for actions that you can take.

Protecting Palestinian Families

Protecting Palestinian Families is a campaigning group whose particular focus is on the effect of Israel’s policy of destroying Palestinian homes and livelihoods on children and their families. This campaign group operates under the umbrella of Stop the Demolitions.

In detailed correspondence with NSPCC officers and Trustees, compelling reasons for dropping JCB as a donor were given but went unheeded by the NSPCC.

The campaign group recognised fully the excellent work NSPCC does and applauded the charity’s aim to “Give a voice to children when no one is listening” and to “fight for every childhood.”  But British children should not benefit at the expense of Palestinian children and their families. Nor should a charity accept money from a company complicit in war crimes.

Read a full account of the work and history of 'Protecting Palestinian Families' here.

The UK Palestine Mental Health Network (UKPMHN) supports our campaign

The UKPMHN feels that it is scandalous that the NSPCC, a charity which campaigns for the welfare of children, is accepting funds from a company complicit in crimes against children; crimes which destroy their homes, their lives and their communities. The NSPCC should be providing support to traumatised children wherever they live. It should advocate for children’s rights and inform the world of the terrible cost to children of Israel’s human rights abuses of families in Palestine. However, instead of calling for the protection of children and despite NSPCC receiving detailed information about JCB’s complicity in Israel’s house demolitions, a strand of the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine, it continues to accept money from JCB.

The UKPMHN’s Dr Martin Kemp writes:

Clearly, not every child is worth fighting for: racism, conscience and the NSPCC

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) is Britain's largest children's NGO. It is under pressure to renounce its relationship with J C Bamford Excavators Ltd (JCB), a manufacturer of building machinery, from which it has received millions of pounds in donations. JCB equipment is used by Israeli security forces to destroy Palestinian homes and construct illegal settlement-colonies in the occupied West Bank. Exposed by a War on Want report in 2012, the company has been placed on a 2020 UN list of those implicated in international law violations, and following a complaint by Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights is now being investigated by the Department for International Trade.

It does not take an expert to appreciate the cruelty inflicted on many thousands of Palestinian children by Israel's policy of destroying their homes, or to imagine the intense strain of the tens of thousands of families who have received demolition orders, never knowing when the army bulldozers will arrive to enforce them. Research that has been undertaken by, for example, PCC/Save the Children, confirms, of course, that the children affected are deeply scarred as a result.

Unquestionably, it would be unacceptable for any European government to treat ethnic minority citizens in such a way. So how does the NSPCC reconcile its charitable mission with its close ties to such a company?

Read the full article here.

This article was first published by MEMO on 12 January 2021

JCB Bulldozers Make Life a Misery - An Article by Sharen Green

Bulldozers manufactured by British company JCB are making life a misery for Palestinian families.

A tiny campaign to stop these crimes has become enormous – thanks first to ICAHD UK members and now to social workers and mental health professionals.
Protecting Palestinian Families began by approaching JCB in March last year (2019).

Co-owner Lady Carole Bamford was on record as giving thousands to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), Indeed, the house where abused children receive the support they desperately need is called Carole House.

So, a carefully crafted letter was sent, acknowledging her benevolence but informing her of the destruction and devastation her products wreaked on innocent families, asking her to cut the company’s ties with Israel.

She didn’t answer so then it was time to ask the NSPCC to cut ties with JCB – how could they possibly accept money earned by traumatising Palestinian children?

Read the full article here.

View videos of illegal Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes here and photos of demolitions here.

'Major Charity Accepts Dirty Money'

Press Release issued 13 October 2020

A MAJOR children’s charity has accepted millions of pounds from a company under the spotlight for the destruction of Palestinian homes.

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children has received £5 million from JCB which has been reported to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

It emerged yesterday that a UK government body has decided that a complaint from the Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights that JCB is involved in “serious human rights violations” warrants investigation.

Recently, two professional bodies working in child welfare have also gone public, writing open letters to the NSPCC and strongly criticising the charity’s link with JCB. The two groups are UK Palestine Mental Health Network (UKPalMHN) and Social Work Action Network. But the NSPCC says it has no plans to sever its links with JCB...

Read the full press release here.

Read the UK Palestine Mental Health Network open letter here

Read the Social Work Action Network open letter here

Our Postcard Campaign

Read about our postcard campaign during which 3,000 postcards were sent to NSPCC here.

Actions You Can Take

Take practical measures to tell the NSPCC to stop accepting 'dirty' money from JCB:


1  Write to the NSPCC

The postal address for the NSPCC Head Office is: NSPCC Head Office, Weston House, 42 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3NH.

Letters can also be emailed to - please use the subject line to identify the person you want to receive the email. Please consider writing to individual Trustees of the NSPCC - brief biographies of the current Trustees are available here.

Contact details of Regional Offices may be found via this link.

Sample letters are available via this link


2. Sign Petition to tell the NSPCC to stop accepting JCB's Money

Sign our petition -

'Dear NSPCC,

You do a great job for British children, but you don’t seem to care about Palestinian children. You accept millions from JCB, a company whose equipment makes life a misery for children in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, who live under a brutal military regime.

You are aware that JCB sells bulldozers to its Israeli partner, Comasco, knowing that the equipment is used to demolish the homes, schools and water sources of Palestinian children. You know that the bulldozers rip up fruit trees and animal shelters, plunging already homeless families into poverty.

You know that JCB has exhibited its wares at arms fairs. You also know that Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights have launched a formal complaint against JCB for its breach of five human rights obligations under OECD Guidelines. The UN has identified JCB as complicit in human rights violations in the West Bank, yet you refuse to sever your links with JCB.

NSPCC is risking its reputation by accepting money from JCB – please stop now!'

Find further information and sign the petition here