What your generosity can help us achieve

With more regular donations we can do so much more!

  • £60/$80 enables us to send five copies of Decolonizing Israel, Liberating Palestine: Zionism, Settler Colonialism, and the Case for One Democratic State by Jeff Halper to five MPs.
  • £80/$105 funds a Palestinian journalist to spend a day in the field interviewing a Palestinian family who’d had their home demolished as we seek to tell their stories
  • £100/$130 pays for 4000 campaign postcards
  • £200/$270 funds 2000 brochures about house demolitions
  • £300/$400 covers 1000 booklets on the argument for one democratic state
  • £500/$675 facilitates annual research on specific machinery used in home demolitions
  • £600/$800 enables us to bring over a Palestinian speaker for our annual conference
  • £1000/$1300 helps cover yearly website and technical expenses
  • £5000/$6750 would enable ICAHD to rebuild a simple home for a family in the Jordan Valley or South Hebron Hills to demonstrate our solidarity and non-violent political resistance to Israel’s demolition policy
  • £8000/$1050 covers all of the above!