We are grateful for all donations that support our work. Donations can be made via: Paypal, below, by sending us a cheque, by making an online transfer or by making out a regular standing order (this can only be done using a UK bank).

Sending us a cheque / online transfer/ a regular standing order

A form with all appropriate details is available to download (this is a PDF document, 44KB). If sending your donation, please send it to:

London WC1N 3XX
Tel: 0203 740 2208


Make online donation with Paypal here:

What your generosity can help us achieve:

  • £100 can pay for a targeted mail out of ICAHD analysis to MPs and others in positions of influence
  • £1,000 would enable us to give an UK MP a 5 day Briefing Tour to Israel/Palestine
  • £15,000 would pay for the rebuilding of a demolished Palestinian home by a mixed group of volunteers from Israel, Palestine and abroad, building more bridges between communities as well as regaining security for a homeless Palestinian family and giving many Palestinians a sense of hope for the future


Thank you for your support.