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All photos by Steve Best @SteveBest   A line up of top comedians, headlined by Scottish star comic Frankie Boyle and titled Laughing For Palestine, reaped a fantastic success at the Edinburgh Fringe. The show, presented by ICAHD UK director comedian Daphna Baram, was sold out weeks before the fringe even started. Other comedians participating… Read more »

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This month, 53 structures were demolished in the occupied Palestinian Territories (including East Jerusalem) displacing 97 people- including 55 children- and affecting a further 644 people, including 292 children. Inside Israel, 11 houses were demolished in Arab-Palestinian cities, displacing dozens of people, and in the Naqab desert, the unrecognised Bedouin village Al-Araquib was demolished for… Read more »

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Comedian Frankie Boyle will perform for ICAHD UK’s Buy-A-Brick fundraiser show at the Edinburgh Fringe. The show Laughing For Palestine will take place on Monday 13 August at 16:15 at the Ballroom of The Counting House under the auspices of the Free Festival. It will be MCed by ICAHD UK’s Director, comedian Daphna Baram. ICAHD… Read more »

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ICAHD UK’s Conference 2018 took place at Amnesty UK’s International Human Rights Centre on 19th May, with an impressive attendance of 120 participants. It opened on a solemn note, commemorating the dead protesters in Gaza, shot by Israeli soldiers. ICAHD UK’S director, Daphna Baram, commented on the connection between the struggle against demolition and displacement,… Read more »