ICAHD’s Position on Israel’s War on Gaza

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Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza Bring in Urgent Humanitarian Aid Stop Arms Trade with Israel Free All Israeli Hostages and Palestinian Political Prisoners End Israeli Genocide Now Photo :972 – Palestinians return to inspect their homes in Khan Younis after the Israeli army withdrew from the area, southern Gaza Strip, April 8, 2024. (Atia Mohammed/Flash90) Articles… Read more »

June 2024 Demolition and Displacement Report

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Demolished house, Jericho 26 June 2024, photo by OCHA oPT Notes: There are four categories of demolitions: Punitive demolitions: Houses demolished as punishment for the actions of people associated with the houses. Administrative demolitions: Houses demolished for lack of a building permit. This happens in Area C and in East Jerusalem, under exclusive Israeli authority,… Read more »

Jeff Halper’s Speaking Tour of Ontario, Canada and Minnesota, USA

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FROM GENOCIDE IN GAZA TO DECOLONIZING PALESTINE: TOWARDS A DEMOCRATIC STATE FOR ALL BETWEEN THE RIVER AND THE SEA    Even as the genocide in Gaza continues, the US and Europe are plotting with Saudi Arabia to “normalize” Israel’s place in the region, leaving the Palestinians trapped in the tiny enclaves of Israel’s apartheid regime… Read more »

Netanyahu Drops Bombshell: Disbands Apartheid Israel’s War Cabinet Amid Genocide

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Photo: Anadolu Agency. Israel’s war cabinet – 10 June 2024   Jeff Halper was interviewed by Salaamedia, a Muslim radio station in South Africa, on 19th June, soon after Netanyahu disbanded Israel’s war cabinet. Jeff stated that despite Gantz and Eisenkot leaving the cabinet which led to Netanyahu disbanding it, Israel believes that it has… Read more »

Fakhri Abu Diab’s Rebuilt Home

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Internationals from the recent May study tour visited Fakhri Abu Diab and his wife to hear the family’s story and grow in understanding of what it is like to have one’s home demolished. They live in Silwan, just below the Dung Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City, in what has become a much-contested area due to… Read more »

ICAHD UK joins 175,000 marchers in London – 8th June

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The main themes of the national demonstration in central London on 8th June called for Israel’s genocide of Gazans to end and for the UK to stop arming Israel. Amongst the more than 175,000 marchers representing people of all ages and backgrounds was another solid team of ICAHD UK supporters carrying our flags and distributing… Read more »

The UK General Election and Palestine

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The following notes were prepared by the Scottish Palestinian Forum. The huge demonstrations around the country and the widespread student encampments, indicate that the current bombardment of Gaza and the ongoing Israeli occupation is of concern to a wide range of the electorate. During the election campaign no politician should be allowed to escape from… Read more »