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ICAHD UK supporters were amongst the 450,000 participants in the national demonstration in London on Saturday, 9th March in support of Palestine. Demonstrators called for Israel to stop the genocide in Gaza and for an immediate ceasefire. Here we present a few images from Saturday and some short videos clips from people explaining why they were marching. After viewing them, share them to help spread awareness of this most defining moment in history.


Penny speaks of the privilege of being on these peaceful marches in London and how it is not necessary for such a large police force to be brought in for them.
(59 seconds)

View video here

Simon expresses his solidarity for the Palestinian people by being in the Jewish bloc during the London marches.

(1 minute 06 seconds)

View video here

Jim reflects on the impact on his life of witnessing the situation in Palestine and he encourages others to do so.
(1 minute 16 seconds)

View video here

The marches are a safe space for families, even with young children.
(35 seconds)

View video here

Some of the groups represented at the London march
(4 minutes 03 seconds)

View video here

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