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Israel’s settler colonialism & ICAHD’s one state position

  • ICAHD has always been a political organisation that has focussed on the “big political picture”
    We offer critical analysis of Israeli policy even while engaging in non-violent resistance and protest on the ground, and international advocacy abroad.
  • ICAHD is committed to bringing peace with justice to our tortured land
    This is not a conflict between two equal parties.
  • We confront Zionism as settler colonialism whose aim has always been to transform an Arab country into a Jewish one (Judaisation)
    Israel’s demolition of the homes of the indigenous Palestinian population is part of its ethnic cleansing agenda to eliminate its national and cultural presence.
  • We call for all colonial structures of domination and control to be dismantled and for the creation of a single democratic state offering equal rights for all citizens in a shared democratic society. Read more…