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Israel’s settler colonialism & ICAHD’s one state position


Read about the One Democratic State Campaign and ICAHD’s political position

ICAHD has always been a political organization. Although a grassroots organization, we have always focused on the “big political picture” even while engaging in protest and resistance “on the ground” and advocacy abroad, ICAHD offers a critical analysis of Israeli policy. We confront Zionism as a settler colonial project whose aim was – and is – to Judaize Palestine, to transform an Arab country into a Jewish one. In the process, Zionism attempts to eliminating the indigenous Palestinians as a national and cultural presence; hence the demolition of Palestinian homes, among other ethnic cleansing operations. ICAHD is also committed to bringing justice and peace to our tortured country. We realize that settler colonialism is not a “conflict”; it cannot be resolved through negotiations, compromise and technical peace agreements. Instead, what is required is a thorough process of decolonization. All colonial structures of domination and control must be dismantled so that the settler state privileging one population can be replaced by a single democratic state offering equal rights for all its citizens. Instead of a country that “belongs” to one group or another, we envision the emergence of a shared, if pluralistic, civil society. One democratic state. That is our vision for the future of Palestine/Israel. Read more…