ICAHD UK is a membership organisation. It employs two part-time staff members and relies on a supportive team of volunteers which enable it to:

  • Hold an annual spring conference
  • Disseminate ICAHD information and analysis, including on social media
  • Organise speaking tours for ICAHD staff
  • Recruit participants for ICAHD’s rebuilding camps and extended study tours
  • Produce resources for those campaigning and lobbying on Israel/Palestine
  • Participate in festivals, demonstrations and other special events
  • Network with peace and human rights organizations who work on the Israel/Palestine issue
  • Organize fund-raising activities for ICAHD and ICAHD UK
  • Nurture a bank of speakers within the UK who also present ICAHD’s information and analysis
  • Run workshops to help develop campaigning skills

Our organisation is dependent on its members.

In the deepening struggle for peace with justice in Israel/Palestine, it’s vital for a critical Israeli voice to be heard in the UK. Since its founding in 1997, ICAHD has been on the cutting edge in providing political analysis about the reality on the ground. Over the years its views have been sought out by the media, diplomats, politicians, peace activists and religious bodies. ICAHD is one of the few Israeli peace and human rights organisations with ECOSOC status at the UN, which allows it to submit oral and written reports and participate in a wide range of UN activities.

ICAHD UK continues to “punch above its weight” on the back of analysis from Jeff Halper and others and its unique activism and because of the extensive networks that ICAHD UK has been involved since its founding in 2004.

As a political NGO we are not eligible for charitable status, therefore raising funds to continue the important work we do remains a constant challenge.

With members’ subscriptions, we gain the regular income we need to plan our work effectively. Members are the life-blood of our advocacy work and campaigning.

To enable ICAHD and ICAHD UK to do much more, more supporters are needed.

As a member, you will:

  • know that you are supporting an influential organisation that works on the cutting-edge
  • receive regular newsletters with information about events, campaigns and the current situation in Israel/Palestine
  • have access to our exclusive members events and resources in order to meet and work with other campaigners
  • get first notice of and reduced price tickets to conferences we organise
  • have opportunities to represent ICAHD UK in your region