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October will mark the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street and so we have joined up again with author David Rosenberg for a special ‘Anti-Fascist Footprints’ tour telling the story of communities coming together to oppose those who tried to set them against each other. This topic seems particularly relevant in light of the recent anti-Semitism debate and… Read more »

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– A father stands in the ruins of his home where he tells us his story, following a punitive demolition. I was a participant on a 10 day tour of Palestine focused on Palestinian Mental Health provision which was organised around the Easter Holiday this year, which I will never forget. Our tour guide’s deep… Read more »

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ICAHD UK seeks administrator and membership manager with experience in using effective and efficient office systems and processes including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and proficient in using email and the Internet. An average of 60 hours per month working from home located within the London travel to work area with office and travel expenses covered…. Read more »

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The Shami Chakrabarti enquiry was a formal investigation into allegations of anti-Semitism in the Labour party, instigated by Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, in April 2016. ICAHD UK, as a long-standing critical Israeli-founded human rights NGO with Jewish roots, felt it important to add our voice to the submissions. Our main suggestions are summarised in the… Read more »

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  ICAHD UK participated in the rally outside Downing Street last weekend that called for an end to the siege on Gaza and the UK arms trade with Israel. Some of the speakers are captured on this three minute clip from the rally. The reference to demolitions and displacement was from campaigner Elizabeth Jadon, who spoke on… Read more »

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For Refugee Week 2016, we wanted to highlight the plight of the largest group of refugees in the world (numbering approximately 6 million), and our call for the Right of Return by sharing some reflections from a recent study tour visit to Aida Refugee Camp, established in 1950 close to Bethlehem, Palestine, and home to more… Read more »

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– Picture of a street sign in front of the apartheid wall in Bethlehem. Last week the labour Party came under ferocious political and media attack for allegedly harbouring antisemites in its midst. In the course of this, the accusers often blurred the distinction between anti-Zionism and antisemitism, between legitimate criticisms of the state of… Read more »

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Under the 1947 UN Partition Plan, Tel Aviv was assigned to the new Jewish state, while Jaffa was to be part of the Arab state. In the war that followed, Jaffa eventually fell to the Jewish militias, and the Palestinians fled to refugee camps in places like Qalqilya in the West Bank. Arab Jaffa was absorbed… Read more »

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To celebrate International Conscientious Objectors Day this year, one of our members reflects on their experience during a recent study tour meeting a family who refuse to be drafted into the Israeli army.. Maghar is a town of some 20,000 inhabitants: Muslim, Christian and Druze. We were here to visit the Druze family of Zaher Al-deen… Read more »

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– Reflections from a recent ICAHD study tour trip to the Jordan Valley – Bedouin villages in the Jordan Valley are barely clinging to life in the wake of frequent demolitions and water deprivation. Arriving at the tented community of Khirbet al-Makhul, we were invited into the home of a Bedouin herding family. Although we had… Read more »