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The following paper was given by Angela Godfrey-Goldstein, ICAHD’s Advocacy Officer, at the recent UN international conference of civil society in support of Israeli-Palestinian peace, held at the European Parliament in Brussels on 30 and 31st August 2007. She writes that international civil society is the key to liberation of the Palestinian people and that… Read more »

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A new report by UNOCHA has been released which highlights the extent to which Israel’s settlements and roads in the West Bank have reduced the Palestinian territory to enclaves, with a resultant huge socio-economic impact on the Palestinian population. The report states that the West Bank cannot sustain the ongoing increase in illegal Israeli settlers,… Read more »

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As Tony Blair began his mission yesterday to Israel/Palestine as the Quartet’s Peace Envoy, the BBC Today programme broadcast an interview with Efraim Halevi, former Head of Mossad for four years, in which Jeremy Bowen reported that Halevi “believes that the demand for the recognition of Israel by Hamas should go, because Hamas is a… Read more »

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On paper, the headlines sounded promising, even stirring. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, it was reported, told Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas at their meeting in Jericho that he would push for the establishment of a Palestinian state as “fast as possible” on _the equivalent to 100 percent of the territories conquered in 1967._ The Palestinians,… Read more »

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Internationals from the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy and Canada gathered on Saturday for the beginning of the 2007 ICAHD summer camp. For the next two weeks, the participants will work alongside Israelis and Palestinians as they rebuild a home for the Hamdan family, who had their house demolished by an Israeli bulldozer on 21 November… Read more »

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For all the attention and hysteria the latest events in Gaza have generated since the Hamas _takeover,_ for Israel they represent nothing but a minor blip in its inexorable drive towards its own unilateral _solution:_ apartheid. Israelas end-game, explicit and unruffled by the recent turmoil on the ground, is clear. It is laid out in… Read more »