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ICAHD UK’s Buy A Brick campaign towards the Building – Harvesting and Learning Camp in October kick-started at the ICAHD UK Conference in May. We are aiming to collect 10,000 pounds in order to buy the 10 thousand bricks needed for the construction of a community centre at the heart of the Jordan Valley. The centre will be constructed by local Palestinians and ICAHD UK’s international volunteers.

We invite our friends and supporters to sign up for this fascinating and rewarding tour and/or to buy bricks in bundles of 5 to 1000. Every brick counts! The bricks are made of local Jordan valley mud and are created in an ancient local tradition, therefore they are both eco-friendly and helpful in keeping old craftsmanship alive. The bricks must be prepared during the summer for them to get sufficiently dry in time for October, so we aim to collect the full sum by early August.

Various activities are planned as a part of the campaign. This week a date and venue were secured for a comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Laughing For Palestine, with Frankie Boyle. The show will take place on Monday 13 August at the Counting House’s Ballroom at 4:15. Household comedians have already expressed interest in the show, the line up will be announced shortly.

In the autumn a similar event is planned in London.

Get involved! Can’t go? donate! Involved in a community? Spread the word, download the flyers post them on social media and send them to friends.

ICAHD 2018 Camp Flyer – BACK
ICAHD 2018 Camp Flyer – FRONT
Get in touch on for information and application form for the ICAHD UK and TORAT TZEDEK 2018 Autumn Camp.