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Each summer since 2002, ICAHD has hosted an international camp in which activists from around the world join together with Palestinians and Israelis to rebuild Palestinian homes that have been demolished by the Israeli authorities. While ICAHD builds throughout East Jerusalem and the West Bank during the year, we hold our annual rebuilding camp in… Read more »

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On Sunday March 21st, Jeff Halper spoke at the Montagu Centre/West Central Liberal Synagogue _ the London home of Liberal Judaism – giving a Jewish reframing of the conflict to the Jewish community. The event was organised by Jews for Justice for Palestinians and ICAHD UK. Jeff’s previous talks on his tour round Britain with… Read more »

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This article by the ICAHD Director makes vital reading. It lays out the well documented framework devised by Israel’s legal and ethical policymakers for waging “asymmetrical” war, i.e. war by a powerful state against “non-state” dissenting forces. He also shows how Israel desires to change accepted concepts of “just war” in international humanitarian law by… Read more »

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In a move the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz called seriously anti-democratic”, the Israeli Army just declared the villages of Bil’in and Na’alin closed military zones from 8am-8pm on Fridays for the next six months. For five years, Friday protests with Palestinian, Israeli and international activists have made these towns centers of unarmed resistance to occupation. Now… Read more »

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JNEWS ( was launched by members of the British Jewish community on March 15th in London, to supply high quality news, comment and analysis on the Israel-Palestine conflict of the sort not often reflected in the Jewish and wider media. A number of people – at the initiative of Richard Kuper of JfJfP conceived the… Read more »

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4,247 homes in Gaza were destroyed directly as a result of Israeli military action during Operation Cast Lead, the assault on Gaza in 2008-2009, according to United Nations statistics. Amnesty International sent out today (9 March) the press release below. The situation in Gaza should be referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC), Amnesty International… Read more »

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A press release by Amnesty International today criticises Israel’s response to the UN as “totally inadequate” on its investigations into alleged violations of international law by its forces in Gaza a year ago. The full text of the press release is duplicated below. Meanwhile, an exclusive front page article by Donald MacIntyre in today’s Independent… Read more »