Buy a Brick Campaign and The 2018 Autumn Building – Harvesting – Learning Camp are Underway: Donate, Enjoy And Join The Action

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ICAHD UK’s Buy A Brick campaign towards the Building – Harvesting and Learning Camp in October kick-started at the ICAHD UK Conference in May. We are aiming to collect 10,000 pounds in order to buy the 10 thousand bricks needed for the construction of a community centre at the heart of the Jordan Valley. The… Read more »

28 June 2018: ICAHD UK hosts Kalil AlAmour’s Talk – Bedouins: Urbanization or Forced Displacement

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Thursday 28 June 7pm, Amnesty International, 25 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA Free entry, donations will be collected Under the premise of “modernization” Israel is trying to push Palestinian Bedouins off their land, away from their agricultural way of life, and into crowded crime-stricken townships which offer no employment. Recently, following years of struggle, the… Read more »

The proposed demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar: A Violation Now, and a Harbinger of More to Come

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Bernard Spiegal On 24 May the Israeli High Court confirmed that the mass demolition and transfer of the Palestinian Bedouin community of Khan Al Ahmar can proceed.  This Bedouin village is located on the outskirts of East Jerusalem in the occupied West Bank.  From Israel’s perspective, it represents an impediment to the state’s intention to… Read more »

Demolition and Displacement report May 2018

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This month, 30 structures were demolished in the occupied Palestinian Territories (including East Jerusalem) displacing 43 people- including 16 children- and affecting a staggering 3,898 people. Inside Israel, two structures were demolished in Taybeh, and in the Naqab desert a house was demolished in the village of Al Araqib. Since the beginning of 2018, close… Read more »

ICAHD’S Jeff Halper Second UK tour of 2018 Kicked Off at ICAHD UK’S Conference

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Following his successful run of talks in March in Scotland and northern England Jeff Halper is back for a second 2018 tour, covering central and southern England. Jeff will speak in Canterbury, Cheltenham, Bristol, Bradford-on-Avon, Bath and Hastings. His tour kicked off at ICAHD UK’s 2018 Conference on Saturday 19 May in London. Jeff presented a new… Read more »

ICAHD statement for Nakba Day

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The confluence of two major political events today in Palestine/Israel — the inaugurating of the American Embassy in Jerusalem with the participation of Trump’s Cabinet, members of Congress and Jared & Ivanka Kushner, together with the killing of protesters in Gaza (37 dead and hundreds wounded just in the last few hours) — demonstrate dramatically… Read more »


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This month, 30 structures were demolished in the occupied Palestinian Territories (including East Jerusalem) displacing 13 people- including five children- and affecting a staggering 527 people, including 326 children. Inside Israel, two structures were demolished in the town of Abu Ghosh, near Jerusalem, and in the Naqab desert the entire village of Al Araqib was… Read more »


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Two study tours, grounded in ICAHD analysis, were facilitated in March with participants joining from the UK and the US. Later when asked what was most memorable about tour, R Jaber who was in the second group responded:  This is difficult to answer because so much of the tour was memorable! I think being on… Read more »


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Amnesty International reported on 27 April that since protests in Gaza began on 30 March he Israeli military has killed 35 Palestinians. Over 5,500 people have been injured with more than 1,700 of injuries caused by live ammunition. The shameless shooting at protesters, who pose no danger to the soldiers, including many children and many… Read more »


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Umm Al Hirran

After years of harrassment by the authorities and endless demolition orders, after the village’s resident, math teacher Ya’akub Abu Al-Qi’an was killed by the police and falsly accumed by goverment minister of being “a terrorist” – Bedouin village Umm al-Hiran finally  yielded. Threatened with Israeli demolition and forced displacement, the inhabitants signed an agreement with Israeli… Read more »