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The ICAHD recommended issue-based study tours to Palestine/Israel will resume in May. Despite continued unrest, Palestinians and critical Israeli Jews are calling for internationals of courage and conviction to be with them now even during this dark time in history to demonstrate their solidarity in seeking peace with justice for all people groups.

Several international delegations have been to Israel and the West Bank during February, and we have news about other organisations that have scheduled visits this spring. We have a long history of going to Palestine even when there is some risk because this is all part what happens during struggles for justice.

As Jeff Halper explains, “The tour is not merely a litany of suffering; it is inspiring. You will meet people who refuse to give in, Palestinians who are sumud -steadfast- and who resist their oppression in a myriad of ways. You will also meet their Israeli partners working to end the Occupation and colonisation, both politically and “on the ground.” And you will explore elements required for a just, workable and creative future for both people groups thus enabling you to return home as a strong advocate for peace in your own community.”

These itineraries are individual, developed over twenty years and come with hundreds of recommendations from people world-wide. The tours provide engagement with inspiring Palestinians and Israelis and meeting them will change your life. Travel through different areas in the West Bank including the Jordan Valley, go north into the Galilee, south into the Negev and along the Mediterranean coastline in Israel.

Here is more information about the May tour.

If you are interested in joining this cutting-edge tour, please contact us immediately