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… it must be true! On the Radio 4 Sunday programme on January 5th this year, Professor Alan Johnson of Britain Israel Communications & Research Centre (BICOM) bracketed Jeff Halper with what Prof Johnson regarded as “extremists”. In the same breath he described “a certain wildness” about the popular and successful “Bethlehem Unwrapped” festival. This… Read more »

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Demolitions and building of new settlement units are going ahead without pause, despite some unusually strong words from USA’s John Kerry warning Israel about the unacceptability of more settlement construction in the occupied West Bank, as he endeavours to create conditions to enable resumption of Palestinian-Israeli talks (about talks!) which can get somewhere past “Go!”…. Read more »

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“Veolia BDS Victories Abound! Join Us for a National Call to Learn More!” Thus the US-based organisation announces new successes in their national campaign for corporate divestment and local boycotts of the French company Veolia, which is infamous for upholding the Israeli occupation in waste management and public transport commercial interests. This should boost… Read more »

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The EU announced guidelines to take effect on 1 January 2014 that forbid any EU grants being awarded to Israeli projects in occupied Palestinian territory and prevent loans or prizes being given to Israeli entities with operations in the West Bank, Golan Heights or East Jerusalem. However Israel and the US insist that the guidelines… Read more »

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Our member and former conference speaker, Stephen Leah, has alerted us about an online survey that has been launched in response to a motion passed during the July 2013 Methodist Conference. The motion requests the production of a briefing on the arguments for and against the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement. We believe that… Read more »

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While the news of recent Palestinian-Israel negotiators’ meetings seem long gone and almost erased by the focus on their neighbours Syria and Egypt in recent weeks,Israel has been continuing apace in illegal demolitions in the Jordan Valley and in the Negev. See ICAHD UK Facebook, with its several entries in recent days. And in other… Read more »

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In recent years, Greenbelt Festival, a place for people to cut their teeth on Christianity with an edge, has incorporated a major emphasis on the Palestinian struggle for justice against Israel’s continued occupation of their historic land, and its punitive and illegal policies against the occupied people and the Arabs living in Israel. Linda Ramsden,… Read more »

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On 19 August 2013, the Ministry of the Interior demolished all six residential structures of Tal eAdasa, a Bedouin community that numbers dozens, including many children. The community, part of the al-Kaiabneh tribe, lives within Jerusalemis municipal boundaries, close to the Palestinian town of Beit Hanina. In addition to the demolition, inspectors informed community members… Read more »