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……and the General Synod passes the motion with a large majority yesterday (10th July). Ed Thornton reported in the Church Times recently the attack by The Board of Deputies of British Jews on a private member’s motion, supporting group working for justice and peace in Israel and Palestine. The criticism was directed particularly at EAPPI… Read more »

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On a pleasantly warm day on April 21st, people arrived, some having come a good distance, for ICAHD UKas AGM and London conference at the Amnesty UK Human Rights Centre. Half of the attendees, who numbered in all about 100, had already gathered the night before at The Methodist International Centre for dinner, time with… Read more »

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At ICAHD UK’s conference on Saturday and in an interview in this week’s New Internationalist by Frank Barat, Coordinator of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, Jeff Halper has stated that ‘Israel’s gone way beyond apartheid’. The ICAHD Director suggests that Palestinians have reached such a point of despair that Israel have won their sought after… Read more »

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Letas say it clearly and categorically: the two-state solution is dead. If the possibility ever genuinely existed _ a subject historians are welcome to debate _ it is gone as a political option. We should even stop talking about it because constant reference to an irrelevant _solution_ only confuses the discussion. How do we get… Read more »

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During the Christmas season, along with the midwinter chill, there is always a focus on reaching out to the homeless in London and other cities. Many people find meaning in a highly commercialised festival by volunteering at the extra shelters for the homeless set up for the season by charities such as Crisis at Christmas…. Read more »

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However much you might have read beforehand, nothing prepares you for the shock of standing next to the Separation Barrier for the first time, for the weeping Palestinian grandmother near Tel Aviv describing how troops and bulldozers came one morning to destroy her sonsa houses, for the brand new illegal settlements on the hill-tops of… Read more »

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ICAHD UK patrons, Jenny Tonge and Clare Short accompanied by 100 delegates from 40 countries visited Gaza from 20 t0 25th November 2011, under the auspices of the Council for European Palestine Relations, now based in Brussels. (CEO Dr Arafat Shoukri) Standing under the newly erected memorial to the Turkish people killed by the Israelis… Read more »

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The Russell Tribunal is what happens when governments abrogate their responsibilities towards their own citizens and peoples under their control. States (plus the UN) are obligated to enforce international law and human rights conventions. When they donat, as in their failure to apply the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of… Read more »

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Most tourists to the Holy Land move in a ‘bubble’. They have no idea of what is going on under their noses. They see the ‘dead stones’, the historic church buildings for example but they make no contact with the ‘living stones’, the people. An alternative, educational tour is quite a different experience. It is… Read more »

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Several members of ICAHD UK travelled to London to meet with their MP for Palestine Lobby Day on Wednesday, 23 November. More than 180 MPs were contacted for this annual event, compared to 112 last year. Many of these MPs were lobbied at meetings on the day, which was supported by over 150 people from… Read more »