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Second full day of the ICAHD rebuilding camp. Went to OCHA, the UN coordinating center for humanitarian affairs, for a briefing on the Occupation – restrictions on movement, the situation in Gaza and the effect of the Israeli blockade, the economic closure and controls on movement in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and in general the… Read more »

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We started this fortnight’s rebuilding camp by seeing pictures of Salim & Arabiya’s very first house demolition in 1998 whilst we were sitting in the remains of their current house at Beit Arabiya. This was painful to hear the story of how their home was first destroyed as the family looked on, being dragged out… Read more »

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In this short video – the Occupation in 9 and a half minutes – Jeff stands on the hill above Beit Arabiya and points out the main elements of the Occupation: house demolitions, land expropriation, apartheid highways, displacement of the Bedouins, settlement construction and more.

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Today was the first full day of the ICAHD rebuilding camp. After a wonderful night sleeping out in the mountains of Palestine, the cool breeze mixed with the call of the muezin at 4 am, and a hearty breakfast of falafel, humus, eggs, cheeses, zatar, fruits and strong Arabic coffee, Salim, who is hosting us… Read more »

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PO Box 2030 Tel: +972-(0)54-303-9170 E-mail: 91020 Jerusalem, Israel Website: PRESS RELEASE For immediate release 19th July 2015     The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) has launched its thirteenth annual Rebuilding Camp on Sunday, 19 July, 2015. Twenty-four volunteers from around the world are joining with Palestinians and Israelis to rebuild… Read more »

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What is genuine non-violent resistance to oppression? Let me show you. Yesterday I visited a Palestinian friend, Atta Jabar, in the West Bank, near the Israeli settlement-city of Kiryat Arba – a farmer, most of whose lands have been confiscated and lie under buried under the Jewish homes. In the first picture you see his… Read more »

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  Well, we started last year’s January newsletter on an encouraging note. “Let’s begin with the good news,” I wrote, “2014 will likely mark the beginning of the end of the Israeli Occupation.” I wrote that in the wake of the likely – and finally definite – end of Kerry’s ill-fated attempt to broker yet… Read more »

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The essence of Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians is displacement. For the past century Zionism has worked diligently and systematically to turn Palestine into the Land of Israel. On the way it has aspired to appropriate all the country’s land and resources and, ultimately, to drive the remaining Palestinians out, or at least to confine… Read more »

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Saturday 30th May 11.15am – 5.15pm ‘Judaizing Palestine’ Conference   We are very pleased to announce our programme for this years annual conference! Bringing you crucial and timely analysis following the recent elections, and such devastating news as the Al’Araqib Bedouin Village having been demolished for the 83rd time, we hope you will join us to hear more on the issue of ‘Judaizing… Read more »

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Haj Ibrahim Ahmad Abu El-Hawa is known to many as ‘the Peacemaker’ having spent 70 years of his life trying to embody a message of unity and neighbourliness among all people. ‘He is a walking symbol of hope, peace and generosity to those he meets’, one supporter commented. Upon meeting Ibrahim, who comes from a… Read more »