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Below is a report compiled by board member Deborah Maccoby on a very successful day, for which feedback suggests that much was learned by many people on aspects of the Palestine/Israel situation and on effective campaigning for a just settlement. Highlights were the talks by Jean Lambert MEP on the European Parliament scene with regard… Read more »

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Jonathan Cook writes: In a bid to staunch the flow of damaging evidence of war crimes committed during Israelis winter assault on Gaza, the Israeli government has launched a campaign to clamp down on human rights groups, both in Israel and abroad. It has begun by targeting one of the worldis leading rights organizations, the… Read more »

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A funny thing happened to me on my way to synagogue in Sydney; my scheduled talk got cancelled. The uproar caused by the prospect of my speaking to the Jewish community in Australia, as in Jewish communities the world over, is truly startling to an Israeli. Granted, I am very critical of Israelas policies of… Read more »

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In the following article, the Director of ICAHD appraises the work of Revd Stephen Sizer, an Evangelical Anglican priest, who works to expose the theological flawedness, ultimate anti-Semitism and dangers to world peace of Christian Zionism. We are happy to announce that Stephen has become a Patron of ICAHD UK. To find out about his… Read more »

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Today on Jerusalem Day, I remember my first experience of Jerusalem Day, when still a new immigrant to Israel, in 1982. I attended a Hebrew language school in Netanya, north of Tel Aviv, which participated with thousands of other Israelis in the 40 km national hike to Jerusalem through hills and forests, culminating in a… Read more »

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An article has appeared on the Therapy Today website written by participants of a ten-day Clinicians’ Tour to Palestine last year. The article received complaints, was temporarily withdrawn by the website’s Editor, but then reinstated with some of the responses to it published at the end. The tour was coordinated with Physicians for Human Rights… Read more »

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The Municipality of Jerusalem continued its discriminatory and aggressive zoning and planning policies by issuing demolition orders for two large apartment buildings in Silwanis Al Abbasiyya neighborhood on March 5th, 2009. The thirty-four families living in the two buildings were given just 10 days to evacuate their homes, before a demolition scheduled for any time… Read more »

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The latest issue of this UK medical journal, one of the highest profile journals in the world, has taken a courageous step in the publication of this series, available on its website now at Dr Derek Summerfield, on behalf of UK Medical Committee on Palestine, writes: There are 5 papers accompanied by editorials and… Read more »

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SOAS students have joined together to state: We, as students, do not want to be impotent spectators, incapable of taking action against the humiliation that Palestinians face on a daily basis. Therefore, we have taken the initiative to support the establishment of a global platform which seeks to unite organizations around the world in resisting… Read more »