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The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions is committed to completing the construction of the Palestinian home that had been planned for rebuilding during our annual rebuilding camp for internationals, in August 2014. Just before the camp was to commence, it was cancelled because of the unrest in the West Bank during Israelas bombardment of Gaza:… Read more »

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The Devilis Punchbowl Youth Hostel provided the perfect base for a walking and talking weekend focused on prospects for a just peace in Palestine, and also for the start of a speaking tour by Israeli peace activist Ruth Edmonds, Advocacy Officer of ICAHD in Jerusalem. In the nearby Thursley Village Hall on Saturday, 28th September,… Read more »

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Award-winning Al Jazeera’s “Inside Story” series has broadcast an episode focussed on Palestinian home demolitions. Presenter Shiulie Ghosh talks to Jeff Halper, Director of ICAHD, Avi Bell, a professor of law at Bar-Ilan University and a specialist in international and property law, and Bill Van Esveld, an Israel and Palestine researcher at Human Rights Watch,… Read more »

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Did you experience and were you touched last Christmas by witnessing a replica of the Wall, which imprisons the people of Bethlehem, raised up outside an architecturally noteworthy church in central London? If so, you can own for yourself a tactile chunk of that memory. Broken up pieces of that replica Wall are going under… Read more »

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We join Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and ICAHD UK in calling on the British public and the UK government to use all available pressure to bring an immediate end to Israelis systematic demolition of Palestinian homes and structures in East Jerusalem and the West Bank and to fulfil its legal and moral obligations under… Read more »

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Israeli activist Jeff Halper and academic Ilan Pappe had a clear message for delegates at the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) UK conference this weekend: the two state solution is dead, and the failure of the Kerry initiative is a moment of dangerous opportunity. With a focus on the theme of ‘Rising from the… Read more »

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….That doesn’t mean they have given up trying. Thus ends Jeff Halper’s latest analysis of the virulent rate and spread of home demolitions within East Jerusalem, in the West Bank and displacement of Bedouins and others in the Jordan valley since 1967. In his latest analysis, “Demolishing homes, demolishing peace”, Halper, a Professor of Anthropology,… Read more »