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THE ISRAELI ELECTIONS: A GAME-CHANGER  Jeff Halper  Dramatic as they were for returning Netanyahu to power, the Israeli elections did not witness a major shift in political forces; in fact, the center-left (albeit Labor now pandering to the right by rebranding itself the “Zionist Camp”) did better than in the 2013 elections, while the right… Read more »

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    For millions of social justice activists outside of the conflict zone of occupied Palestine, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israeli-made goods, services and businesses has become one of the more effective means of protest against the apartheid state. Singling out such products – and paying particular attention to companies who have installed… Read more »

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  RUTH EDMONDS UK TOUR   Palestine / Israel: Where are we and where are we headed?   Tuesday 24th: Sheffield, Quaker Meeting House, S1 2EW, 7.30pm > Contact: Wednesday 25th: Leeds, Holy Trinity Church, LS1 6HW, 6pm  > Contact: Thursday 26th: Manchester, Friends Meeting House, M2 5NS, 7pm > Contact:  … Read more »

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Jeff Halper, Director, ICAHD, has just completed his month-long speaking tour of Canada that took him from Newfoundland across to Vancouver. Among the achievements was his public interview with the Jewish Post & News in Winnipeg, posted here. [video: width:500 height:400 autoplay:1]

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Interning with ICAHD, the stages so far   I am a barrister from the UK and have been volunteering as an intern for ICAHD since November 2014. Arriving here and finding myself immersed in the political and social problems afflicting this part of the world, I have found myself going through something like a mini… Read more »

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by Jeff Halper   Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the demolition of Palestinian “terrorist” homes late on Monday and “the conflict runs the risk of deteriorating into purely atavistic revenge” Israel is fond of presenting itself as a liberal Western democracy, in fact the only democracy in the Middle East. What defines a democracy,… Read more »

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  Jeff Halper was interviewed by The Real News Network’s Anton Woronczuk in Baltimore on the fate of Jerusalem, the Israeli left, and the apathy of the general Israeli public.      [video: width:400 height:600]

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  Rebuilding Camps in Occupied Palestine  by  Bruno Jantti     To witness the brutality and viciousness of the Israeli occupation first-hand immediately gave me more tools to work with, whether in Israel-Palestine or back home in Helsinki. The Israeli direct action and human rights group Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) organizes an annual rebuilding… Read more »

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IN THE WAKE OF THE ASSAULT ON GAZA  Jeff Halper   This is the first newsletter since the conclusion of Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, which obviously preoccupied our attention. It showed the political bankruptcy of all the actors. For Israel, it was an attempt to finally break all Palestinian resistance – mopping up in… Read more »