Films and Videos – Page 3

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Return to Page 2 – Go to Page 4 Interview: Jeff Halper – The Global Pacification Industry View video here

Videos from ICAHD Rebuilding Camps

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These videos were recorded during past ICAHD rebuilding camps. Details of future rebuilding camps are available here. View other ICAHD videos Jeff Halper explaining the Israeli Matrix of Control As part of ICAHD’s 2015 Rebuilding Camp, here you can see a snippet of Jeff Halper giving a tour of Jerusalem and introducing the ‘Matrix of… Read more »

Videos from Past ICAHD UK Conferences

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Videos of contributions to past ICAHD UK annual Conferences. View other ICAHD videos 2014 Conference John McCarthy View video here Ilan Pappe View video here

Films and Videos

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We’ve pulled together a range of films and video clips that feature the Israeli Committee Against Home Demolition’s analysis of Israel’s settler colonialism, and the situation facing Palestinian people and their Israeli and international supporters. Please do watch and share with other audiences. Please visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel Recordings of our webinars… Read more »

Films and Videos – Page 2

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Return to Page 1 – Go to Page 3 Becoming Political Actors – Strategies for Liberating Palestine As We Enter the Biden Administration After decades of campaigning, lobbying, and protest, how should we evaluate the struggle for Palestinian national rights, particularly as we enter into the Biden Administration? After the death of the two-state solution… Read more »

Watch ICAHD USA Webinar – Is Zionism Settler Colonialism? Why Does It Matter (22 January 2022)

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The webinar focused on a key question determining the form a political outcome must take if it is to genuinely resolve the issues between Palestinians and Israelis, and therefore the kind of political process necessary for achieving it. If, as the advocates of a two-state solution or a federation maintain, the Palestinian-Israel issue is a… Read more »

ICAHD UK 2021 Annual Appeal – Being Proactive, Broadening Our Reach

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This year, Israeli authorities have further deepened their settler colonial policies of land theft and ethnic cleansing often achieved through the demolition of homes and structures vital for living. Our monthly Demolition and Displacement reports along with the new maps specially prepared for ICAHD have kept our supporters updated about the statistics and the areas… Read more »

View our 2020 Webinars

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View our webinars held between May and October 2021 are available here View our webinars from January to April 2021 here Details of our future webinars are available here. With Awad Abdelfattah, Huwaida Arraf, Beth Miller, Jeff Halper, Robert Herbst, Michael Spath 13 December 2020 Co-sponsored by Indiana Middle East Peace, ICAHD USA, ICAHD UK,… Read more »

View our Past Webinars – January – April 2021

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The webinars held in May, June, August, September and October 2021 are available here View webinars held in 2020 here Details of our future webinars are available here. With Jeff Halper and Salem Barahmeh 21 April 2021 View details – Watch recording

Contribute to this new ICAHD UK initiative to help change history in Palestine / Israel

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ICAHD UK has opened a crowdfunding initiative to translate Jeff Halper’s important new book ‘Decolonizing Israel Liberating Palestine’ into Arabic. Please support this crucial work by visiting our Crowdfunding page here. The “story” of this project – why it’s important to support us – is simple and straightforward. Critical political texts, particularly on an issue… Read more »