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Jeff Halper addresses ICAHD UK 2017 conference

ICAHD Founder Jeff Halper recently completed an extensive speaking tour of the United States. The videos below are of two of these talks (and the following Question and Answer session) given in New York City.

War Against the People: Israel and Global Pacification

This compelling presentation explores how Israel exports its Occupation - its weaponry, its models and tactics of control, and its security and surveillance systems - to countries engaged in forms of war against their own people, including the US. It casts light on the increasingly pervasive systems of control at home and wars against peoples abroad that instead of securing us, threaten to pacify us all.

Question and Answer Session following this Presentation


One Democratic State in Israel/Palestine: It's Time

Way back in 1988 Yaser Arafat / PLO agreed to accept the State of Israel having 78% of Palestine. Instead of accepting the agreement, Israel has proceeded to take over more of Palestine with settlements and demolishing of homes and farms. Unconnected pockets of land are all that is left for Palestinians. However half of the total population is not Jewish. To really be a 'Democratic State' there has to be equality under the Law. Otherwise the OCCUPATION has to continue indefinitely.

Question and Answer Session following this talk