Jeff Halper nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2006

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Read here about Jeff’s nomination for this most prestigious prize alongside the Palestinian Ghassan Andoni, co-founder of ISM Jeff Halper, founder and Coordinator of ICAHD, is a widely respected analyst of the Israel/Palestine situation as well as a leading Jewish activist.

Halper interviewed by Russian TV as Israel announces settlement expansion in East Jerusalem

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While Mahmoud Abbas has demanded Palestine statehood at the UN, Israel has acted with its usual confident impunity by announcing 1,100 more housing units in East Jerusalem, in defiance of Palestinian conditions to hte Qurtet for resuming peace talks. Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said the Israeli decision amounted to “1,100 _nosa to the resumption… Read more »

Halper Replies to Attack by Government Spokesman Regev

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The Jerusalem Post reported recently on the angry reaction of Mark Regev, prime minister Netanyahu’s spokesman, to the Spanish government’s funding of the ICAHD summer rebuilding camp this year, which was completed last month (see ICAHD website for volunteers’ reports. 42 young Spaniards joined the camp. Regev denounced the Spanish involvement, and accused Jeff Halper,… Read more »

Halper Arrested and Roughed Up, Five Injured as Israel Wrecks Irrigation in Beqaa Valley

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The IDF iCivil Administrationi demolished water tanks and uprooted irrigation systems in the whole Beqaa Valley, next to the entrance to Kiryat Arba settlement, underneath iHar Sinai settlement, an area which suffers daily harassment by settlers, especially those riding on horseback through the familiesi lands. The community lost much good farmland for the building of… Read more »

Halper Hobnobs with a Star – Again!

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Jeff Halper, Coordinator of ICAHD, who was brought up in the same town, at the same time, as a certain Robert Zimmerman, supplied the spray paint with which Roger Waters recently wrote graffiti on the Separation Wall at Bethlehem. The significance of ex-Pink Floyd star Waters’ action will only be lost on those who are… Read more »

Decolonizing Israel, Liberating Palestine

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Zionism, Settler Colonialism and the Case for One Democratic State
Jeff Halper

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A selection of the many reviews for Decolonizing Israel, Liberating Palestine

‘It is fashionable to say that the two-state solution to Israel-Palestine is dead. Jeff Halper thinks it was never born. In this brave, thought-provoking and highly original book, he presents both a searching critique of Zionist settler colonialism and a compelling case for one democratic state with equal rights for all its citizens’ — Avi Shlaim, Emeritus Professor of International Relations at Oxford and author of ‘The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World’ (Penguin, 2014)

‘Strikes at the core of the political revolution boiling under the surface in Israel/Palestine. Halper serves a generous helping of hope for anyone who cares about the future of this land’ – Shir Hever, political economist and author of ‘The Political Economy of Israel’s Occupation’ (Pluto Press, 2010)

‘Jeff Halper harnesses his extremely sharp and original mind alongside his prophetic voice to change the international debate. A gem for both the novice as well as the expert, his book offers a brilliant analysis of Israel’s colonial project and outlines what a decolonial horizon might look like’ –Neve Gordon, author of ‘Human Shields: A History of People in the Line of Fire’ (University of California Press, 2020)

ICAHD’s Position on Israel’s War on Gaza

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Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza Bring in Urgent Humanitarian Aid Stop Arms Trade with Israel Free All Israeli Hostages and Palestinian Political Prisoners End Israeli Genocide Now Photo :972 – Palestinians return to inspect their homes in Khan Younis after the Israeli army withdrew from the area, southern Gaza Strip, April 8, 2024. (Atia Mohammed/Flash90) Articles… Read more »

Netanyahu Drops Bombshell: Disbands Apartheid Israel’s War Cabinet Amid Genocide

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Photo: Anadolu Agency. Israel’s war cabinet – 10 June 2024   Jeff Halper was interviewed by Salaamedia, a Muslim radio station in South Africa, on 19th June, soon after Netanyahu disbanded Israel’s war cabinet. Jeff stated that despite Gantz and Eisenkot leaving the cabinet which led to Netanyahu disbanding it, Israel believes that it has… Read more »

May 2024 Study Tour – Jerusalem

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Read about some other locations visited during this tour Bethlehem, Hebron, the Naqab/Negev, Ramallah and the Jordan Valley Photo: Jeff Halper overlooking Jerusalem with tour participants   ICAHD sets the scene Essential to all our tours is ICAHD’s ‘Matrix of Control’ tour which takes participants to different locations in East Jerusalem to see how Israel’s… Read more »