Stop the demolitions in Jerusalem area and announcements of more settlement expansion

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Demolitions and building of new settlement units are going ahead without pause, despite some unusually strong words from USA’s John Kerry warning Israel about the unacceptability of more settlement construction in the occupied West Bank, as he endeavours to create conditions to enable resumption of Palestinian-Israeli talks (about talks!) which can get somewhere past “Go!”…. Read more »

Another attack on the Jaber family by Israeli settlers

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ICAHD is launching a campaign to help protect the Atta Jaber family following a series of threats and attacks that began on 6 June. Since that date either the Israeli civil administration or aggressive settlers from the Kiryat Arba settlement near Hebron have invaded their property in al-Baqaa on an almost weekly basis. The latest… Read more »

Young People from across the globe rebuild Beit Arabiya for the 6th time

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ICAHD UK send our warmest congratulations on the 6th rebuilding of Beit Arabiya to Salim and Arabiya Shawamreh (Beit Arabiya is their family home), to Jeff Halper and everyone else at ICAHD; and we send particular thanks and congratulations to 85 young people brought together from around the world for a Global Youth Festival by… Read more »

A Report of the ICAHD UK Conference

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Just under a hundred people attended the ICAHD UK conference, In the Name of Justice, on 23 March. People came from many parts of England and there was representation from Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland (including the Orkneys). We were also delighted to welcome ICAHD supporters from Germany. Speakers included Clare Short, Secretary of State… Read more »


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IS THE TWO-STATE SOLUTION DEAD?   Jeff Halper     The Palestinians should first make peace with Israel and then get their state.                 — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN, Sept. 23, 2011     Let’s say it clearly and categorically: the two-state solution is dead. If the possibility ever genuinely existed –… Read more »

Another Gain for Perseverance: The UN Vote……

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…..recognizing Palestine. Here follow thoughts from Jeff Halper on the recent huge majority vote by the UN General Assembly to give Palestine status as a “non-member observer state”. Another Gain for Perseverance: The UN Vote recognizing Palestine. And Yet… Thoughts from Jeff Halper On one level, the General Assemblyas overwhelming vote to recognize the state… Read more »

Whose right to self-defence, Mr Hague? A timeline of the acts provoking escalation of conflict

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Yesterday, Sunday, Prime Minister Netanyahu, who had accused of war crimes the perpetrators of a rocket attack from Gaza which had killed three Israelis some days earlier, announced with satisfaction that 1,000 “targets” of the “infrastructure of terrorism” in Gaza had been hit by the Israeli airforce. Earlier the same day, an Israeli munition killed… Read more »