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[metaslider id=”180″] did you know?   More than 131,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished in Israel and the Occupied Palestine Territory (OPT) since 1947. In 2022, ICAHD analysis revealed that over 926 structures were demolished and 953 people displaced in the OPT with a further 28,255 people directly affected. In 2021, 3004 structures were demolished… Read more »

Israeli Supreme Court Seeks Participation for Palestinians in Area C Planning

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ICAHD’s Director Jeff Halper has written a press release – below – in response to the outcome of the appeal brought by Rabbis For Human Rights, ICAHD, JLAC, St. Yves and the Palestinian village of Ad-Dirat-Al-Rfaiiya requesting that planning authority be returned to Palestinians living in Area C, the 62% of the West Bank under… Read more »

ICAHD UK conference hears one-state message

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Israeli activist Jeff Halper and academic Ilan Pappe had a clear message for delegates at the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) UK conference this weekend: the two state solution is dead, and the failure of the Kerry initiative is a moment of dangerous opportunity. With a focus on the theme of ‘Rising from the… Read more »

An Open Letter to J Street: Let’s Talk!

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Itas time to bite the bullet. We of the critical (non/anti/post-Zionist) Israeli peace camp understand why a liberal Zionist organization like J Street could never consider, let alone accept, the end of the two-state solution. You say it yourselves: the end of the two-state solution is the end of Israel as a Jewish state; it… Read more »

Israeli officials often say: “We never finished 1948″….

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….That doesn’t mean they have given up trying. Thus ends Jeff Halper’s latest analysis of the virulent rate and spread of home demolitions within East Jerusalem, in the West Bank and displacement of Bedouins and others in the Jordan valley since 1967. In his latest analysis, “Demolishing homes, demolishing peace”, Halper, a Professor of Anthropology,… Read more »

Stop the demolitions in Jerusalem area and announcements of more settlement expansion

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Demolitions and building of new settlement units are going ahead without pause, despite some unusually strong words from USA’s John Kerry warning Israel about the unacceptability of more settlement construction in the occupied West Bank, as he endeavours to create conditions to enable resumption of Palestinian-Israeli talks (about talks!) which can get somewhere past “Go!”…. Read more »

Another attack on the Jaber family by Israeli settlers

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ICAHD is launching a campaign to help protect the Atta Jaber family following a series of threats and attacks that began on 6 June. Since that date either the Israeli civil administration or aggressive settlers from the Kiryat Arba settlement near Hebron have invaded their property in al-Baqaa on an almost weekly basis. The latest… Read more »

Young People from across the globe rebuild Beit Arabiya for the 6th time

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ICAHD UK send our warmest congratulations on the 6th rebuilding of Beit Arabiya to Salim and Arabiya Shawamreh (Beit Arabiya is their family home), to Jeff Halper and everyone else at ICAHD; and we send particular thanks and congratulations to 85 young people brought together from around the world for a Global Youth Festival by… Read more »