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Breaking the Wall - How To Bring About Change in Palestine

Activism and Solidarity, a Political Programme, or both?

Saturday 11 May 2019 from 11.30am to 5.00pm (doors open 10.00am; AGM 10.15-11.15)

The Amnesty International Human Rights Centre, New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA

The stagnation in Palestine/Israel seems to be never ending, with short outbursts of resistance often followed by violent periods of severe oppression. Lack of meaningful progress towards a just solution with no will from the international community to resolve the situation serves the Israeli regime. Trump's "peace plan" is not even a joke, and the EU is converging into a post Brexit Europe. Gaza is crushed under destruction and want; The Palestinian Authority is weak and can't stand alone.

What is the role of the international solidarity movement at this time? Is it activism on the ground, or is it promoting a coherent political solution? Is it our only role to rally support for Palestine and educate Britain and Europe about its plight, or is it to pave the road towards a new plan for bringing an end to Apartheid, and freedom and justice for Israelis and Palestinians? Could we possibly do both?

What can we learn from the shared experienced of International solidarity and social justice campaigns? What balances and attitudes worked successfully in past campaigns, to bring sustainable justice?

In 2019 ICAHD UK brings together leading activists on justice for Palestine, academics and veterans of the South African anti-Apartheid struggle and other international solidarity movements, to discuss the lessons of the past, the challenges of the present, and the way forward to a just future.

ICAHD founder, Jeff Halper, will speak at the conference as the first port of call on his UK tour, alongside Hisham Sharabati, a political activist from Hebron and a member of Al-Haq and the Hebron Defense Committee. ICAHD UK Director, Daphna Baram will lead and moderate the central panel on Activism and Solidarity, a political Programme, or both? which will include Jeff, Hisham, Naomi Winbourn-Idrissi (Jewish Voice for Labour), Dionne Gravesande (Christian Aid and the Global Justice Movement), Omar Shwaiki (Friends of Birzeit) and representatives of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the anti-apartheid movement.

During the afternoon there will be a special panel dedicated to the participants in our camp, study tours and other events organised by ICAHD UK this year, considering the lessons learned.

The fee for the Conference includes a conference pack, a buffet lunch and morning and afternoon refreshments - book before 31 March to benefit from special 'Early Bird' rates!

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