In order to be eligable for nomination to the ICAHD UK Executive Committee, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  1. Member of ICAHD UK
  2. Knowledge of ICAHD from any of the following: Participation in ICAHD summer camp, ETT study tour, other tour, pilgrimage or volunteer work in the Occupied Palestine Territory and meeting with ICAHD while there; volunteering or interning with ICAHD, hearing Jeff Halper, Co-Founder and Director of ICAHD speak
  3. Knowledge of ICAHD's analysis from reading "Obstacles to Peace” and/or“ An Israeli in Palestine: Resisting Dispossession, Redeeming Israel”
  4. Knowledge of ICAHD's work from viewing the ICAHD film “Resisting the Occupation on the Ground”, "The Iron Wall”and other films that feature Jeff Halper and ICAHD analysis
  5. Knowledge of the ICAHD UK website and its purpose of awareness-raising in the UK
  6. Ability to attend three executive committee meetings per year as well as the AGM
  7. Responsibility for the governance of ICAHD UK ensuring that the mission of ICAHD UK is adhered to and that a budget is identified
  8. Willingness to meet with ICAHD staff when they are in the UK
  9. Willingness to promote ICAHD UK amongst existing networks
  10. Willingness to lend practical support through participation in subcommittees, helping to staff resource stalls at events, marching with the ICAHD UK banner, etc
  11. Willingness to house ICAHD UK resources, if storage space allows

According to our constitution, members are elected for a three year term* with the possibility that they can stand for re-election.

The position of new members of the executive committee is to be reviewed after two meetings.


*At present, members are elected for a two-year term but it will be proposed at the AGM to increase this to a three year term.