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Working with our coalition partners, a Day of Action took place on 4th March.


“Every child has the right to grow up safely”
… say the NSPCC, in advertising their 4th March conference: 

Every child? Including Palestinian children, right? Apparently not.

The NSPCC takes money from JCB, knowing that their equipment is sold to be used to demolish Palestinian homes, illegal under international law


We invited all who are concerned about child protection to join our day of action on 4th March to call on the NSPCC to stop doing this and asked that supporters did one or more of the following on 4th March.

1. Tweet your call to NSPCC to refuse donations from JCB

Suggested Tweets:

  • Ensure EVERY child has the right to grow up safely @NSPCC @JCBmachines #HowSafe2021 #HowSafeArePalestinianChildren
  • Calling on the @NSPCC to cut your ties with @JCBmachines – your role is to protect children, not to take money tainted with actions that make them homeless and traumatised #HowSafe2021 #HowSafeArePalestinianChildren
  • How can @NSPCC claim to believe in the safety of every child while taking money from @JCBmachines, who profit from the illegal demolition of Palestinian homes and leave thousands of Palestinian children cruelly destitute and harmed #HowSafe2021 #HowSafeArePalestinianChildren

Tweet between 8.30am to 3.30pm and include the conference hashtag

#HowSafe2021 AND our hashtag #HowSafeArePalestinianChildren AND you could also tag @NSPCC

You could also share a photo with a placard, using our hashtag #HowSafeArePalestinianChildren

2. Write to the NSPCC

By email - key contacts are

Chair of Trustees -

Chief Executive -

Director of Fundraising and Engagement -


By post - addresses to one or more of the above c/o NSPCC Head Office, Weston House, 42 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3NH.

There are sample letters here

3. Find Out More

Clearly, not every child is worth fighting for: racism, conscience and the NSPCC is an excellent article that draws parallels with Black Lives Matter and contains links with detailed information on the issue.

4. Inform your friends and colleagues

Share on your social media platforms asking those in your network to take action.

Thank You

ICAHD UK coalition partners that call for the NSPCC to stop taking tarnished money from JCB include Protecting Palestinian Families, UK Palestine Mental Health Network, Social Work Action Network, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Shoal Collective.

A full report on the Day of Action will be available shortly.

Campaign supported by the Shoal Collective; BIN; ICAHD UK; Social Work Action Network;
UK Palestine Mental Health Network; PSC England and Wales, Scottish PSC.