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Hilary Smith - Sheffield PSC, Stop the Demolitions
Tom Anderson - Shoal Collective/Corporate Watch, Stop the Demolitions
Annie O’Gara - Sheffield PSC, Protecting Palestinian Families, Stop the JNF
Sharen Green – Protecting Palestinian Families, ICAHD UK
with Monica Wusteman - ICAHD UK


This ICAHD UK webinar built on the previous one, a recording of which can be seen here.  As was clear in the first ICAHD UK webinar, there are complementary strands to this campaign: work with JCB dealerships and with the NSPCC, a recipient of JCB donations. This webinar gave updates and explored practical suggestions for ways in which you can get involvement - useful information and links to help you get involved will be provided below shortly.

Between the two webinars on 'Resisting Demolitions From Outside Palestine', there have been noteworthy developments, including progress in the formal complaint lodged by Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights – which were highlighted during this webinar.

Speakers discussed the JCB dealerships campaign, looking at taking this forward, exploring the next steps in establishing a national campaign, including learning from local groups, and how to progress such campaigning in covid times. The same applies to the campaign to persuade the NSPCC to sever its links with JCB, given that company’s obviously compromised position.

Both strands of the campaign offer opportunities for everyone to make a contribution and help to put a stop to JCB’s complicity in demolitions in Palestine which cause so much damage and transgress so many moral and legal boundaries.