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This campaign has now finished but 3,000 postcards were sent to the NSPCC

ICAHD UK is supporting a campaign initiative taken by Protecting Palestinian Families, an offshoot of Stop the Demolitions, to stop the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) from taking money from JCB, the British company that manufacturers industrial and agricultural machinery.

JCB sells bulldozers to Israel which are used in the demolition of Palestinian homes, schools, clinics, animal shelters, water pipes and cisterns. They are also used to rip up olive trees and have even been deliberately used to wreck graves. JCB machines are also used to build Israeli settlements which are illegal under international law and because of that, JCB has been listed by the United Nations as one of three British companies that profits from Israel's occupation of the West Bank. Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights has lodged a case against JCB with the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) for its war crimes.

JCB is a very profitable family-owned firm and has donated at least £5 million to the NSPCC. Despite several polite letters sent by ICAHD UK supporters and by Protecting Palestinian Families, the NSPCC refuses to sever its link with JCB. The next step is to get even more people involved by sending postcards to NSPCC to persuade it not to take tarnished money.

ADDRESS TO SEND TO: (the Chair of the trustees)

Neil Berkett
Weston House
42 Curtain Road

Wording for the message on the back of the “child” postcard

NSPCC: You ask people to join you and “Give a voice to children when no one is listening.” You claim to “fight for every childhood.”
BUT you know that JCB equipment is used in Palestine to demolish homes, schools and water supplies – wrecking children’s lives.
AND YET you still take money from JCB, a company named and shamed by the UN for its complicity in Israeli war crimes.

NSPCC: It’s time to show that you really care about ALL children – DROP JCB!


Postcode: …………………………………….


Wording for the message on the back of “uprooting” postcard

NSPCC: JCB bulldozers flatten the houses of Palestinian children, leaving them homeless.
The bulldozers destroy schools, depriving children of education. They trash olive trees and animal shelters, plunging families into poverty.
The UN says JCB is complicit in Israeli war crimes.

NSPCC: You do a brilliant job for British children, but you should not accept money made by wreaking trauma, misery and destitution on Palestinian children.



Postcode: …………………………………….

Order your postcard packs

Because Covid-19 remains with us, it is impossible to distribute cards  on street stalls or at solidarity meetings therefore we are looking for "hubs" - i.e. people willing to receive 10, 15, or more postcards which can be shared directly between friends and sympathisers.

All precautions will be taken by the printer and the person responsible for receiving and sending out the postcards will wear scrupulously clean gloves and a mask. And we recommend that you reassure your friends that you, too, will be wearing gloves and a mask when you handle the cards. If they still have any reservations, they can leave the card untouched for 72 hours to further eliminate any risk.

All people need to do is sign, give their postcode if they wish, stamp and post the card.

We hope you will see your way to helping in this important campaign.

Please email your postal address and the number of postcards you can distribute to by August 14.