Watch ICAHD USA Webinar – Apartheid South Africa! Apartheid Israel! – Ticking the Boxes of Occupation and Dispossession (21 March 2022) Shortly

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Dr. Michael Spath interviewed author Rev. Brian Brown SPONSORS: Indiana Center for Middle East Peace Mondoweiss ICAHD-USA United Church of Christ Palestine-Israel Network Kairos USA Friends of Sabeel North America Disciples Palestine-Israel Network United Methodists for Kairos Response (UMKR) MennoPIN Kairos West Michigan Episcopal Peace Fellowship Palestine-Israel Network Apartheid South Africa!  Apartheid Israel! considers how the… Read more »

Watch a Recording of ICAHD UK Webinar – “Israeli Dissidents: Out in the Field” (16 March 2022)

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Watch a recording of this webinar here What does it mean for Jewish Israelis who oppose Israel’s injustice towards the Palestinian people and want to provide protective presence for them out in the field? We heard from two representatives of Torat Tzedek – Torah of Justice who know what it is to stand with Palestinians… Read more »

ICAHD USA Webinar – ‘The State of Israel vs. The Jews’ – Tuesday 15 February at 12 noon (Eastern) / 5pm (UK)

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Robert Herbst, ICAHD USA Co-Chair , interviews Sylvain Cypel Sylvain Cypel’s “The State of Israel vs. The Jews” shows how bereft of human decency Israelis have become in their treatment of Palestinians, and how much Jewish moral patrimony has been given up in creating, supporting, and tolerating a Jewish State. Webinar Co-Sponsored by the Indiana… Read more »

Watch ICAHD USA Webinar – Is Zionism Settler Colonialism? Why Does It Matter (22 January 2022)

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The webinar focused on a key question determining the form a political outcome must take if it is to genuinely resolve the issues between Palestinians and Israelis, and therefore the kind of political process necessary for achieving it. If, as the advocates of a two-state solution or a federation maintain, the Palestinian-Israel issue is a… Read more »

Watch ‘Israel’s deepening regime of Apartheid’ – Lambeth and Wandsworth PSC webinar featuring Jeff Halper and Linda Ramsden

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Jeff Halper analysed the political implications of Israel’s end-game of taking over all Palestine and marginalising the Palestinians – and what we can do about it. In describing Israel’s deepening apartheid regime, he touched on such issues as the ongoing demolition of Palestinian homes, settler violence, Israel’s criminalisation of the six Palestinian human rights NGOs,… Read more »

Watch Recording of ICAHD USA Webinar – ‘Christian Zionism: What Is It, How Does it Impact on the Palestinian Question, and How Do We Combat It?’ (7 Nov 2021)

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“The very being of the church, the integrity of the Christian faith, and the credibility of the Gospel is at stake.  We declare that support for the oppression of the Palestinian people, whether passive or active, through silence, word or deed, is a sin.  We assert that Christian support for Zionism as a theology and… Read more »

View our 2020 Webinars

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View our webinars held between May and October 2021 are available here View our webinars from January to April 2021 here Details of our future webinars are available here. With Awad Abdelfattah, Huwaida Arraf, Beth Miller, Jeff Halper, Robert Herbst, Michael Spath 13 December 2020 Co-sponsored by Indiana Middle East Peace, ICAHD USA, ICAHD UK,… Read more »