Jeff Halper's April 2024 Update

It’s a time of chaos; everything has turned over in the wake of the Gaza war; Israel can’t be “put back together again”. These are just some of the comments from Jeff Halper in his April update.

Jeff says that Israel’s invasion of Gaza has gone out of control and he doubts that this time even the international donors will rush to rebuild it again for fear of yet more Israeli demolitions in the future.

Israel won’t be able to destroy Hamas which is now more popular than Fatah within the West Bank because what Hamas did on 7th October was to put the Palestinians back on the agenda after Netanyahu, Biden and western hegemony tried to erase them.

This and much more is addressed by ICAHD's Jeff Halper.

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Jeff Halper's March 2024 Update with Atta Jaber

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Jeff Halper's February 2024 Update on challenging Two-State Apartheid


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Jeff Halper's January 2024 Update on the Geneva Convention

A written summary of this update is available here.

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Jeff Halper's November 2023 Update

In Jeff Halper’s November update, he says that while the world’s eyes are on the violent atrocities in Gaza, ICAHD is also watching what is currently happening within the West Bank and asking what it means. ICAHD believes that what Israel is pursuing there is even more important politically as we believe this ethnic cleansing of Area C is its final battle in Israel consolidating its apartheid regime.

Jeff believes that the international community has approved of the matrix that Israel has imposed over the Palestinian people and this what will be accepted as the new Palestinian state when Biden convenes an international conference to impose the two-state solution. The “pesky” Palestinians can’t be allowed to interfere with the new Nato of the Middle East.

The November recording ends with a warning of in the guise of humanitarian aid, countries call for Gazans to be re-housed in countries around the world. However this would in fact be another Nakba for the Palestinian people. That proposed by the One Democratic State Campaign is the only just way forward

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ICAHD Statement calling on Israel to stop its genocide against the Palestinian people - Jeff Halper

Statement issued by ICAHD on 2 November 2023.

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Jeff Halper's October 2023 Update

Jeff Halper’s monthly update on events and political developments in Palestine/Israel. While we at ICAHD place great importance on critical analysis in finally reaching a just and inclusive political settlement, Jeff has asked us to acknowledge that his remarks are being made at a moment when Palestinians in Gaza face what may well become a genocidal Israeli invasion, and that we at ICAHD extend our solidarity to them, together with keeping them constantly in our thoughts.

See ICAHD’s statement on these events on our website -

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