Posted on January 9, 2024, by & filed under Genocide, News.

Jeff Halper, ICAHD’s Director, brings us his January update which is about the Genocide Convention. He differentiates between state terrorism and non-state terrorism and explains that Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, argues that states have the right to wage war. If innocents are killed, they are collateral damage. States cannot be terrorists because they do not intend to kill civilians. Listen to Jeff’s response to this in light of the legal definition of genocide and what could unfold with South Africa’s case about Israel’s genocide in Gaza presented before the International Court of Justice.

Jeff ends with a plea for support of ICAHD. We are different from other organisations because we are not an NGO with a humanitarian/charitable brief, nor are we a solidarity group concentrating on activism and campaigns. Although ICAHD is involved in these activities, we go beyond those by filling a unique vacuum by formulating and advocating for a political solution that can be just and sustainable for all people groups.