This place is a fear factory

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Interview with Ruth Edmonds   How have you got to the point in life that you’re at now – conducting tours, representing people in Palestine as an advocate? Ruth Edmonds (RE): Jeff Halper will say that I used to turn up at the office all the time so they gave me something to do! I… Read more »

Visit of International delegation to Gaza, November 2011

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ICAHD UK patrons, Jenny Tonge and Clare Short accompanied by 100 delegates from 40 countries visited Gaza from 20 t0 25th November 2011, under the auspices of the Council for European Palestine Relations, now based in Brussels. (CEO Dr Arafat Shoukri) Standing under the newly erected memorial to the Turkish people killed by the Israelis… Read more »

Armageddon, Straight Ahead

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It is 1:30 am, and I just came back from Sheikh Jarrah _I see Jerusalem in flames, and know than my words will not succeed in conveying the horror of what I saw or the dread in my heart.. writes Rabbi Ascherman, of Rabbis for Human Rights. Today the court ruled in favor of the… Read more »

An Israeli in Gaza – an Interview with Jeff Halper

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In this comprehensive interview by Frank Barat, Jeff Halper talks of his motivations for being the only Israeli Jew to join the first blockade-busting voyage from Cyprus to Gaza by two boats of the Free Gaza Movement. He describes his time in Gaza and his subsequent arrest by the Israeli authorities as he crossed the… Read more »

“POWERLESS IN GAZA” – Baroness Jenny Tonge Reports

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European Parliamentariansa trip, 6-11 November 2008. A small girl lies in Al Nasr Chidrenas Hospital, arms spread out and tied to the bed. Tubes emerge from her belly and an endotracheal tube, leading to a ventilator, is strapped to her mouth. She is fully conscious and her eyes roll around in terror, appealing to us… Read more »

The End of an Odyssey

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Now, a few days after my release from jail in the wake of my trip to Gaza, Iam posting a few notes to sum things up. First, the mission of the Free Gaza Movement to break the Israeli siege proved a success beyond all expectations. Our reaching Gaza and leaving has created a free and… Read more »


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WHY I HAVE TO RETURN George Small, a UK-based freelance writer, spent a week in 2006 with the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitionsa Summer Work Camp. He reflects on its impact on him. Years ago, in the divided and occupied city of Berlin, in a Germany itself split into two halves by a Wall 1,393… Read more »