Eyewitness account from Masafer Yatta

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ICAHD UK member, Debby, has sent us this report following her three months in the South Hebron Hills. She discovered that Israel’s military occupation is pervasive and that whilst she expected to see house demolitions, she was shocked to see formal demolition orders for trees and water cisterns and that installing water butts to capture… Read more »

Recording of Challenges Faced by Palestinian Farmers in the Hebron District (6th January)

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ICAHD UK Webinar – Wednesday, 6th January, 5-6.15pm (UK time)   Atta Jaber and Hisham Sharabati spoke about the extraordinary challenges face by Palestinian farmers who live in the Hebron district where land confiscation and destruction of structures essential for living are a common occurrence. In a year when the deadly coronavirus has swept through… Read more »

Erella, an Israeli from the Villages Group: Cooperation in Israel-Palestine, recounts witnessing a day of demolitions in the South Hebron Hills that took place on 25th November 2020

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For sixteen years I have walked at Nasser’s side. He was 20-years old when we first met. His youthful dream was to become a vet. Luckily that didn’t work out, otherwise – how could he have grown to become the one to document as a researcher of B’Tselem of the everyday injustices incurred in his… Read more »

Awdah Hathaleen

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Awdah Hathaleen is 24 years old and a collective member from Um al-Khair. He is an English teacher in his village, having studied English teaching methods at Hebron University. Awdah and his mother currently live in a house with a pending demolition order. Already, their house has been demolished twice before. Awdah has been a… Read more »

Atta Jaber and his Family

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You can support Atta, Rudina and their family by donating here Atta Jaber’s resilience is tested yet again For over thirty years, their entire married life, Atta and Rudina Jaber and their children have known nothing but oppression and cruelty from Israeli authorities and the extreme religious Jewish settlers from nearby Kiryat Arba in Hebron… Read more »