First time at ICAHD’s Rebuilding Camp

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Reflections from one of the participants who joined ICAHD’s 13th annual rebuilding camp: Despite not being completely new to travelling or experiencing different cultures, the two weeks I spent at ICAHD’s summer rebuilding camp offered encounters I couldn’t have imagined and that would never have happened had I been travelling to that area on my… Read more »

ICAHD 2015 Rebuilding Camp – Rammalah and Taybeh

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Yesterday we celebrated a rebuilding camper’s birthday with a spontaneous bout of dancing to Frank Sinatra over breakfast! We then spent the day away from the rebuilding site and went first to Ramallah to get to know the Palestinian human rights organisation Al-Haq, one of the oldest human rights organisations in the Middle East, established… Read more »

Visiting Dahmash, within the state of Israel

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Internationals here for ICAHD’s annual rebuilding camp heard another sad story when they visited Dahmash, an area located between Lod and Ramle within Israel. “The situation here is no different to that in the Occupied Palestine Territory,” said Arafat Ishmael, head of the Lod Popular Resistance Committee, when he described the racist policies that they… Read more »

The effects of house demolitions on the family

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One of the many ways in which the Israeli government controls the Palestinian population – alongside the Separation Wall, water shortages, the appropriation of Palestinian land and the segregation of Palestinians living in different occupied areas – is through house demolition. Approximately 46,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished since 1967 in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and around 52,000 within the… Read more »

Ibrahim ‘The Peacemaker’

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Haj Ibrahim Ahmad Abu El-Hawa is known to many as ‘the Peacemaker’ having spent 70 years of his life trying to embody a message of unity and neighbourliness among all people. ‘He is a walking symbol of hope, peace and generosity to those he meets’, one supporter commented. Upon meeting Ibrahim, who comes from a… Read more »

“It is Mafia, not law”

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A phenomenon that is absent from much of Western Europe is a fear of bulldozers. A logical absence it would seem. Yet the story is somewhat different for Palestinians living in Israel and the West Bank. I am being driven to meet a Palestinian family, Atta Jaber and his wife and four children, whose home… Read more »

This place is a fear factory

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Interview with Ruth Edmonds   How have you got to the point in life that you’re at now – conducting tours, representing people in Palestine as an advocate? Ruth Edmonds (RE): Jeff Halper will say that I used to turn up at the office all the time so they gave me something to do! I… Read more »