Focus on farmer with four times demolished home

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“Meet Ata Jaber, a farmer whose house outside Hebron has been destroyed four times by settlers but who rebuilds and hangs on, rarely leaving his property, because he has no choice but to defend his livelihood and ancestral lands for the sake of his children.” So begins an article based on interviews with Jaber by… Read more »

Sharp Increase in Demolitions and Displacement in West Bank – UN report

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As Jeff Halper releases a profoundly disturbing analysis about the sharp increase leading up to Ramadan of house demolitions and the all-encompassing ‘invisible yet Kafkaesque system of total control and intimidation’ of Palestinians’ existence by the Israeli machine of oppression, the UN OCHA have published their own report detailing the acceleration of demolition activity: Follow… Read more »

The Home Demolition Virus Continues to Spread

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We reported in an earlier article, Is the House Demolitions Virus Spreading Abroad? on house demolitions in Libya and Mexico being imposed on minority groups. In the article below, Amnesty International reports on threatened evictions and house demolitions of Roma in Belgrade, capital of Serbia. Again, this seems to be reflecting Jeff Halper’s consistent warning… Read more »

Protesters to defy court ban from Sheikh Jarrah

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ICAHD has been organising weekly protests every Friday against the home demolitions happening in Sheikh Jarrah. Recently activists have been arrested and banned by the Jerusalem court from the neighbourhood in which they were protesting. They are planning to defy that ban today (Friday, 4th June). Below is a report by Sahar Vardi, an ICAHD… Read more »

Is the House Demolitions Virus Spreading Abroad?

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Amnesty International campaigns are highlighting the cases and threats of home demolitions in Libya and Mexico. The home demolitions and evictions of families of Tabu origin in Libya are at the hands of the authorities, along with other forms of oppression and discrimination such as refused renewal or extension of indentification documents. A study of… Read more »

Days of Waiting – Impending House Demolitions in Silwan

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The Municipality of Jerusalem continued its discriminatory and aggressive zoning and planning policies by issuing demolition orders for two large apartment buildings in Silwanis Al Abbasiyya neighborhood on March 5th, 2009. The thirty-four families living in the two buildings were given just 10 days to evacuate their homes, before a demolition scheduled for any time… Read more »

Born to Demolish

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It was another of those routine tragedies that are never publicized. At eight in the morning we at ICAHD (the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions) received a call that the Border Police, Israeli police and Jerusalem Municipality bulldozers were massing below the Palestinian village of Anata, poised to begin another day of home demolitions. (Link… Read more »

Home Rebuilt in 2007 Camp Demolished. ICAHD Coordinator Arrested Resisting Demolition

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News came in from ICAHD this morning that the Hamdan family home, rebuilt during the 2007 Constructing Peace Summer Camp, has been demolished. Jeff Halper, founder and Coordinator of ICAHD, was arrested for attempting to resist the demolition, but released soon after. We understand at this point in time that no charges will be pressed… Read more »

Another Call to Act – to Save a Threatened Village

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“At first sight, Al-Nu’eman seems a peaceful village: 22 homes, surrounded by fruit trees and olive orchards, on a beautiful hill between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Within a few years, however, very little of this may be left. Unless people take action, this village will most likely disappear. Israeli courts may rule yet again that the… Read more »