“It is Mafia, not law”

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A phenomenon that is absent from much of Western Europe is a fear of bulldozers. A logical absence it would seem. Yet the story is somewhat different for Palestinians living in Israel and the West Bank. I am being driven to meet a Palestinian family, Atta Jaber and his wife and four children, whose home… Read more »

Watch Al Jazeera “Inside Story” episode: Punishing the Palestinians?

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Award-winning Al Jazeera’s “Inside Story” series has broadcast an episode focussed on Palestinian home demolitions. Presenter Shiulie Ghosh talks to Jeff Halper, Director of ICAHD, Avi Bell, a professor of law at Bar-Ilan University and a specialist in international and property law, and Bill Van Esveld, an Israel and Palestine researcher at Human Rights Watch,… Read more »

ICAHD joins appeal to Israeli Supreme Court to prevent home demolitions in Area C

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ICAHD, in conjunction with other human rights organisations and together with the Palestinian village council of Ad-Dirat- Al-Rfaiiya, near Hebron in the West Bank, has submitted a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court to remove the planning authority in Area C of the West Bank, including the authority to demolish Palestinian homes, out of the… Read more »

Palestinian envoy blasts Israel claim in West Bank as IDF manhandle aid workers and diplomats

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While the news of recent Palestinian-Israel negotiators’ meetings seem long gone and almost erased by the focus on their neighbours Syria and Egypt in recent weeks,Israel has been continuing apace in illegal demolitions in the Jordan Valley and in the Negev. See ICAHD UK Facebook, with its several entries in recent days. And in other… Read more »

While Beit Arabiya is rebuilt, nearby Bedouin homes within East Jerusalem are destroyed

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On 19 August 2013, the Ministry of the Interior demolished all six residential structures of Tal eAdasa, a Bedouin community that numbers dozens, including many children. The community, part of the al-Kaiabneh tribe, lives within Jerusalemis municipal boundaries, close to the Palestinian town of Beit Hanina. In addition to the demolition, inspectors informed community members… Read more »

HELP SAVE HOMES from demolition in Silwan

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Help save homes from imminent demolition in Silwan, East Jerusalem. Join us in supporting War on Wantas campaign to stop Palestinians from losing their homes slated to be cleared in order to build a tourist attraction. Please visit War on Wantas website and simply fill in the form for a letter that will be sent… Read more »

El-Araqib Bedouin village destroyed for 12th time since July

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Tuesday February 1st, was the 12th time since July that the Israeli Government destroyed the entire village of El-Araqib in the last six months. Only a day after the last total demolition of the village. It is difficult to describe in words the brutality involved in these ongoing demolitions. For the last three days there… Read more »