ICAHD and the Palestine Solidarity Movement in Germany

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Doris and Claus (ICAHD Germany)   In Germany there are many local groups that work for a just peace in Palestine/Israel, most major cities have a group or two. On a national level there are a few committees of national organisations that speak up about Palestine/Israel, like Pax Christi (a Catholic organisation) or IPPNW, and… Read more »

TAKE ACTION! Ask your MP to sign Early Day Motion 225 on international law and trade with illegal Israeli settlements

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TAKE ACTION! Ask your MP to sign Early Day Motion 225 on international law and trade with illegal Israeli settlements. This is another way that constituents can inform their MPs about the issues that they care about. At the heart of this is that Israel is committing war crimes and our government is not calling… Read more »

February 2020 Demolition and Displacement Report

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credit: ISM   During the month of February 2020, at least 41 structures were demolished in the occupied Palestinian Territories (including East Jerusalem) by Israeli forces, displacing at least 72 people- including 26 children- and affecting a further 191 people[1] All the demolitions and confiscations were carried out on grounds of lacking an Israeli-issued building… Read more »

Israeli army causes more destruction in Bardala

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Our partner, the Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign (JVSC) sent news that on 4th February, Israeli forces “stormed the village” and closed the water wells the Israeli authorities claim to be illegal and destroyed the 700-meter water lines for farmers. Bardala is well-known to ICAHD. It was the location of our building camp in 2018 and… Read more »

Write to JCB and your MP following the UN’s release of the list of companies that work in Israel’s illegal settlements.

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We welcome this long-awaited report which identifies 112 companies that are involved in business activities in settlements in the Occupied Palestine Territory which violate Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.  To see the statement which includes a link naming the companies click here. https://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=25542&LangID=E JCB bulldozers and pneumatic drills have been used to demolish… Read more »

Jeff Halper Responds to the International Criminal Court (ICC) Decision to Investigate Potential War Crimes in the OPT

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The regime of international humanitarian law (IHL) and human rights is marvelous, comprehensive and well thought-out. The product of decades of conferences, negotiations, interactions between states and civil society, it has defined rights you didn’t even know you have. (Do you know it is a human right to live in a healthy, safe, aesthetic environment?)… Read more »

November Study Tour Group Visited the Community Centre in Bardala

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The seventeen people, from the UK, Germany and the US, who participated in the recent political study tour to Palestine/Israel, visited the new Community Centre in Bardala. Construction on it began in October 2018 during ICAHD’s building camp, with funding from the campers, our Buy a Brick campaign and a grant. Some finishing touches are… Read more »

A just future demands the decolonization of Palestine – and a democratic state for all

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Understanding the ‘conflict’ as a settler colonial struggle allows us to build a holistic path toward a liberated society for Palestinians and Israelis. By Awad Abdelfattah and Jeff Halper – Published in +972 Magazine on 10 December 2019 The very title one gives to a phenomenon often determines how it can be understood and what… Read more »